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ASD Welcomes Community During Visit Our Schools Month

January 28, 2015

All schools open for guided tours during month of February

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District will continue with mixed configuration of 6th grade students

January 27, 2015

Elementary and middle schools will keep their current configurations.

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Superintendent presents 2015-16 budget to school board

January 26, 2015

Proposal places intentional focus on supporting students and classroom teachers. 

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School board completes superintendent’s evaluation

January 23, 2015

The Anchorage School board has completed an intense evaluation of Superintendent Ed Graff’s performance for 2014.

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Second semester kicks off with focus on student attendance

January 8, 2015

Attendance and achievement are closely tied. Students in the classroom are achieving at higher rates than those who are absent.

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Upcoming events

Jan 29

AMP It Up Day

Schools across the district will participate in AMP It Up Day to prepare for the Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) testing period this spring.

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Feb 3

Visit Our Schools Month tour

Community members, businesses and parents are invited to visit any ASD school during the month of February to learn more about the community's public schools.

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Feb 10

Visit Our Schools Month tour

Community members, businesses and parents are invited to visit any ASD school during the month of February to learn more about the community's public schools.

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Feb 16

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day, Feb. 16, is in honor of the renowned Alaskan civil rights leader.

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Feb 16

Presidents Day holiday

Presidents Day holiday. All ASD schools and offices closed.

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Dollar bill2015-16 budget

Budget documents, presentations, meeting dates, a comment form and more can be found in the Office of Management and Budget section.   

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MECAC applications

The District is seeking applications for At-Large Community Representatives for the Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC).

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Welcome to ASD

‌New to the district? Wondering how to enroll?
Have a child entering kindergarten?

SignpostOur Welcome to ASD section walks you through the process of determining your child's needs, researching your options and how to enroll or register at a school.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to the Drumline Band and Swing Choir at Clark Middle School! Clark's swing choir and drum line band performed exceptionally well at the Great Alaska Shootout. The students are to be commended for their dedication and hard work to become successful. 

    - Andrea Smith, community member

  • Quyana to Matthew Anderson at Northern Lights ABC School! A big thank you to Mr. Anderson, music teacher at Northern Lights ABC School, for his dedication to our students.  Mr. Anderson offers afterschool choir for grades K - 8.  Last night families and the community enjoyed the fruits of his labor with a fantastic Christmas choir and drum concert.  This event is something our family looks forward to every year, truly gets you into the joy of the season. Thank you! 

    - Kim Griffith, parent

  • Quyana to Vicky Otte at Gruening Middle School! Congratulations Vicky Otte on receipt of a grant from Delta Kappa Gamma-Anchorage Area Council this Fall. Vicky created Shakespearean costumes for her Language Arts classes with grant money she received. Students deliver passages from Shakespearean pieces with artistic flair.

    - Barbara Kovarik, retired ASD teacher, member Delta Kappa Gamma Society

  • Quyana to Kelly Frost at Mt. Illiamna/Whaley School! With grant money received from Delta Kappa Gamma Anchorage Area Council this fall, Kelly purchased ukuleles so her students could learn to play an instrument. She created cardboard ukuleles with yarn strings for her students to take home and practice fingering for chords. Student engagement rate is high as is home participation in her special music program. Quyana Kelly. Your creative energy and devotion to your students is greatly appreciated.

    - Barbara Kovarik, retired ASD teacher, member Delta Kappa Gamma Society

  • Quyana to Jessica Willis at Chester Valley Elementary! Jessica Willis is promoting interest in engineering among her young students. Jessica was awarded a grant from the Delta Kappa Gamma Anchorage Area Council for her project, "Engineering is Elementary". Jessica has shared a hands-on curriculum based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with staff and students at her school. Students are excitedly exploring the creative engineer they have inside. Quyana Jessica for challenging and encouraging young minds. 

    - Barbara Kovarik, retired ASD teacher, member Delta Kappa Gamma Society

  • Quyana to Kathryn Cross at Speech/Language! I would like to recognize/thank speech pathologist Katie Cross for the amazing job she is doing with my son, Reid Stewart (a very busy 4-year-old). Katie continues to go above and beyond her normal duties to help my son develop the skills he will need for life. Katie has made a huge impact on my son's speaking ability and his desire to want to improve. Thank you for employing such an amazing person.

    - Stefanie Stewart, Parent

  • Quyana to Charlene Polak at Abbott Loop Elementary! I would like to recognize/thank Ms. Polak and her contribution to all the 4th graders at Rilke Schule! It has been an amazing experience for the kids to have a library for the first time and to see how my daughter has blossomed! I'm sure having all the extra kids has added dramatically to her existing job but she has gone above and beyond! Thank you! 

    - Stefanie Stewart, Parent

  • Quyana to Paul Denyer and Kraig Sorenson at Maintenance! A special Quyana to Paul Denyer and Kraig Sorenson for their work in painting our music room and stage at Baxter Elementary! Paul and Kraig were amazing, incredibly helpful and kind! Not only did these two individuals take the time to come and meet with me before they started the job, they took careful time in preparing and planning an appropriate date to come and finish the work. In addition, I had requested a color to be added to the walls, and they were excited to help make this happen! They took such care and thought in moving anything in the classroom, and even left kind notes for me to find in the morning. Their work was so incredible; I had teachers coming in to the space each day to see the progress they had made.  I cannot express how grateful I am for their time in finding a color, making the color, making special trips to get more of the color, painting 3 coats, cutting in around wall decals, adding corner covers, caulking around signs and furniture mounted to the walls, painting tiny spaces, covering furniture and electronics, and repairing holes and marks in the walls. Their work was impeccable, thorough, professional, and always done with big smiles on their faces. Thank you Paul and Kraig for bringing some color back in to the music program at our school!

    - Angela Mazur, Music Teacher

  • Quyana to Chemene Breiner at West High School! A fabulous person to be the face of West High! She calms those of us who are not calm, figures out what we need, helps us figure out how to get what we need, is invariably pleasant, and knows the name of your kid!  Wow! 

    - Wendy Weber, Parent

  • Quyana to Ken Taylor at the ASD Lock Shop! Immense kudos go out to ASD lock shop employee, Mr. Ken Taylor, for an exceptional job well done at Clark Middle School!   Mr. Taylor was tasked with repairing musical instrument lockers that were in terrible shape! These lockers have needed to be repaired for quite a long time. We were having instruments stolen, misplaced, and/or messed with due to the fact that so many of the lockers were broken or were easily accessed by students and by other people in the hallways.   Mr. Taylor came in, and in the course of 3 days, he was able to repair every locker that needed repair, and he was able to order parts for the ones that still needed repair. He went above and beyond what could be "just a repair," to making the locks where they were the safest they could be for our extremely expensive instruments. The students and/or others who may try to access or defeat the locks will no longer be able to do those things, thanks to Mr. Taylor's extremely efficient repair of the locks.   Mr. Taylor's work is to be commended, and he should be recognized for a job well done for the entire music department of Clark Middle School!

    - Lynette Harple, Long-term Music Substitute

  • Quyana to Ginger Moser at Human Resources! In Ginger's 16 years with Anchorage School District she has been in Human Resources for the past nine years. During my 10+ years with ASD, Ginger has consistently been a model of professional efficiency. She is always cheerful, courteous, kind, and knows exactly how to answer every question or solve any puzzle. Ginger has been a perfect resource for every situation I have brought to her. Thank you for recognizing such helpful employees! 

    - Bev Kirk, SAVE High School Teacher

  • Quyana to Mary Riordan at AVAIL! I would like to really thank Mary Riordan from AVAIL for going above and beyond. She was instrumental in getting a city parking  spot changed back to a loading zone (like it was at the beginning of the school year). AVAIL is located downtown and it is street parking for daily deliveries. Without the loading zone status, parking was limited to meter parking or the garage. Mary's actions allowed myself and the ASD warehouse to stay timely in deliveries and overall productivity.

    - Ralph Hollis, ASD Warehouse Courier

  • Quyana to Tess Nott at Lake Otis Elementary! Through three superintendents, three principals, and countless Board members, Ms. Nott has provided consistent, supportive, and data-driven academic leadership to the Lake Otis Community. Quyana Ms. Nott.

    - Jan Wright, Community member

  • Quyana to Lorenzo Ramos at Rogers Park Elementary! Mr. Lorenzo is one amazing BPO! From his kind conversations with students, to his diligent maintenance of our school - he is always on top of safety concerns, willing to lend a hand, and share a smile. Thank you!

    - Kaiya Kaltenborn, 2nd grade teacher

  • Quyana to Lorenzo Ramos at Rogers Park Elementary! Mr. Lorenzo is a positive force is our learning community. Not only is he amazing at his job as BPO, but he works with such a positive attitude. He is professional and respectful in his interactions with both staff and students, and has earned the students' respect and admiration.  Despite having a difficult job, where much work is caused by carelessness, he is always calm in a storm and positive in his interactions. He is an important part of the learning community, and he truly makes learning possible in his own important way.

    - Karen Grey-Levine, Teacher Librarian

  • Quyana to Lorenzo Ramos at Rogers Park Elementary! I appreciate Mr. Lorenzo so much. He is so helpful and such a friendly face around the school. Thank you, Mr. Lorenzo for your presence and your hard work!

    - Annie Belts, 6th grade teacher

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