Program evaluation

Program evaluations are used to improve programs for better student success. Program evaluations can take several months to complete, as they can include several different data sources and statistical procedures to adequately describe the program’s successes and needs.


The Assessment and Evaluation Department plays a variety of roles in this process for the Anchorage School District.

  • Monitoring the ASD Evaluation procedures
  • Monitoring the approval process for external program evaluations
  • Assisting departments through the process of evaluating their programs
  • Providing statistical analysis, data and survey assistance in the evaluation process for other departments
  • Running internal program evaluations including all levels of the ASD Evaluation procedures 


Here are some answers to common questions regarding Program Evaluation:

1. What is defined as a program at the Anchorage School District?

 A program is a system or an initiative designed to help our district achieve district goals, which are designed to increase student academic achievement, establish and maintain a supportive learning environment, ensure public accountability and establish diversity in the workforce.


The program can exist in the form of curricula, curriculum materials, instructional approaches or personnel units.

2. What is the purpose of program evaluation?

The most important purpose of program evaluation is to improve the effectiveness of a program. Evaluation is not a one-time accountability measure of the program, but an ongoing process to improve the program and help stakeholders better understand the impact of the program on student achievement and other district goals.

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