2016-17 issues of AK Connect

AK Connect Newsletter
A publication of the Alaska Family Directory

For educators, parents and people with disabilities

In addition to being a statewide disability information newsletter, each issue includes a list of educational opportunities, activities and supports for parents, educators and people with disabilities specific to a region of Alaska. The online regional event calendars provide a description of each activity with details on how to participate. Use the map to find your regional resources.


March 2017 AkConnect

  • March is Brain Injury Month
  • Letter School App
  • The Alaska Chapter Scholarship
  • Alaska Miss Amazing
  • 2017 Winter Games
  • SSG EmployAbility

April AK Connect 2017

  • Touch Autism
  • Anchorage Walks for Autism
  • Stone Soup Group-DD Eligibility
  • Young Athletes Program
  • 48th Annual Walk & Roll for Hope


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