Impact to taxpayers


$11.67 per $100,000

proposed bond

-$11.79 per $100,000

bond debt paid off.


The cost to taxpayers on this proposed debt without reimbursement is equivalent to what’s been paid off since 2015 which included state debt reimbursement.

$58.5 Million ASD School Bond Proposal

Work will extend buildings' service to the community for 25+ years


Roof replacements: $27.3 million

  • King Career Center
  • Muldoon Elementary
  • Northwood ABC Elementary
  • Nunaka Valley Elementary
  • Rogers Park Elementary
  • Student Nutrition facility
  • West High
  • Willow Crest Elementary


Heating and ventilation replacements: $24.4 million

• Rogers Park Elementary
• Willow Crest Elementary
• West High

West High and Romig Middle library and counseling improvements: $6.8 million

• Structural and seismic improvements
• Reconfiguration and addition of space to eliminate relocatable classrooms
• Counseling offices will be relocated to main office

Budgeting for maintenance work

ASD has more than 7.8 million square feet in facilities and budgets nearly $21 million for annual building maintenance and preventive maintenance. Additionally, the District is investing $6 million in energy efficiencies, funding $500,000 for seismic/structural improvements at Central Middle School, and $1.3 million for a waterline replacement at a middle school. These projects are vital to the safety of students and staff. The items on this 2017 bond proposal are large dollar items kept out of the District’s budget in order to keep teachers in the classrooms.


Vote on April 4
Make an informed decision.

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