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Financial outlook – we’re still struggling due to inflation

The current financial outlook is extremely challenging. Flat to declining revenue from state and federal sources, along with reductions in funding levels allowed to be collected locally, fall far short of what is required to maintain staffing levels in already overcrowded classrooms. Under current law, the district expects to reduce more than 1 in 6 staff over the next three years.


General FundFY 2013-14FY 2014-15FY 2015-16FY 2016-17FY 2017-18
Pro Forma revenue projection $569.7m $565.7m $587.7m $585.7m $578.7m
Pro Forma expenditure projection $594.7m $586.7m $608.2m $608.2m $608.2m
Projected budget shortfall $25.0m $21.0m $22.5 m $22.5m $29.5m
Fund Balance proposed $7.0m $2.0m $0.0m $0.0m $0.0m
Assembly/legislative increments $0.0m $10.5m $0.0m $0.0m $0.0m
Remaining shortfall $18.0m $8.5m $22.5m $22.5m $29.5m
Employee reductions -210 -73 -223 -217 -280
  283 jobs reduced in last two years 720 jobs reduced over the next three years


ASD General Fund position reductions – history and outlook

Budget office graphic showing staff position reductionsASD has cut nearly 300 positions, mostly administrative and support staff, in the past two years. In the next three years, an additional 720 jobs – teachers and support positions – will need to be eliminated in order to keep costs in line with funding projections.


Inadequate funding is eroding critical support of public education

Programs and positions already reduced:

  • Teaching positions which led to increased class size
  • Support for career and technical education classes
  • Staffing for Special Education and Gifted students
  • IT support
  • School supply allocation
  • Summer school at all grade levels
  • Graduation coaches
  • Career resource advisors

Under current law and funding levels, ASD will:

  • Eliminate 720 positions over the next three years
  • Accelerate erosion of educational choices, e.g.: AP, college prep, CTE, remedial and recovery classes, world languages, etc.
  • Jeopardize educational outcomes
  • Everything is on the table for reduction or elimination when considering future budgets

Making smart investments with new money

HB278 provided an additional $31.8 million over three years. ASD is using the money to restore some cut positions and redirect funding to the following areas.


  • Class size stability – Designated 16 teachers to hold class size down in grades K-2
  • Early literacy coaches – Designated 12 teacher experts
  • Preschool – Added 3 new preschool classrooms
  • Teacher professional development – Improve teacher training and evaluation
  • Classroom technology upgrades – Funds directed to refresh mobile IT classroom resources
  • STEM materials – Funds directed to refresh science, engineering and technology curriculum


The Municipality of Anchorage is providing $8.3 million in additional annual funding.

  • 86 teaching positions reinstated


What are the basic components of an adequately funded education system?

Based on best practices and solid research evidence, key components include:

  • Lower class size:
    • 15 students for grades K-3
    • 25 students for grades 4-12 in core classes
  • Provide instructional facilitators, coaches, mentors for teachers
  • Provide early literacy programs
  • Provide teacher tutors for struggling students
  • Provide teacher professional development and evaluation
  • Teachers stay focused on high value instruction by continuously measuring results and identifying what works for each student
  • Principals provide instructional leadership and guidance to teachers to ensure they remain focused on student success
  • Measure student performance and growth to ensure all principals and teachers are aligned on providing a high quality education to prepare all students for success in life.



The following presentations were given to the Anchorage School Board and the Anchorage Assembly on Sept. 14, 2014: 




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