Proposed legislative bills would reduce ASD funding by $29.9 million

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 Senate Finance Amendment 24 Potential Reductions


April 3, 2015


An amendment to HB 72, put forward by the Senate Finance Committee yesterday, proposes a reduction to the Base Student Allocation which equates to cuts of $14.3 million in state funding and a $3.2 million local contribution to ASD. HB 72, as passed by the Alaska House of Representatives, proposes a reduction of “one-time” funding next year. For ASD, that equates to approximately $9.7 million from the state and a $2.2 million local contribution. There is also a proposed reduction to Department of Education and Early Development programs which would be a further reduction of $0.5 million for ASD. This adds up to a $29.9 million cut to ASD funding next school year.


In response to requests from legislators and Anchorage Assembly members, the district is compiling a preliminary list of possible reductions if the state approves cuts to education funding for next school year.


“I’m deeply concerned about these proposed cuts to education funding,” said Superintendent Ed Graff. “If approved, they will undoubtedly have a significant and negative impact on our students’ education here and across the state.”


Superintendent Graff and the Anchorage School Board will review the preliminary list of potential budget reductions at the next board work session, scheduled for April 6.


About 89 percent of the district’s 2015-16 budget is staff, with the majority being teachers. A $29.9 million reduction translates into the potential loss of up to 300 positions.


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Budget Planning Update





Potential ASD program and staff reductions for FY 2015-16


In response to Senate Finance Amendment #24 proposal to reduce Education by $94.2 million statewide


$29.4 million in Anchorage (General Fund)



    Senate Finance Reductions Required
Senate Finance Committee Proposed Reductions (Amendment (#24)        
HB278 "one-time" funds outside of formula   11.90   $9.7 state/fed and $2.2 local
Foundation formula Base Student Allocation (-4.1%)   17.50   $14.3 state/fed and $3.2 local
Subtotal (Senate Finance Committee cuts)     29.40   [$24 state/fed + $5.4 local]
    Potential Reductions (in $ millions)   Est. staff reductions required (FTE)
Reverse FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16 budget development
HB 278 reverse three-year pilot programs from "one-time" funding        
Pre-K classrooms    (1.38)    8.00
Pre-K community partnerships    (0.74)  
Early literacy coaches (K-2)    (1.20)    12.00 
Early literacy classroom teachers (K-2)    (1.40)    14.00 
Instructional tutors    (0.52)   
Student classroom technology    (1.03)   
STEM curriculum & science kits    (1.03)     
Charter school allocation of HB 278 "one-time" operating grants    (0.54)   
Subtotal        (7.84)     34.00
HB 278 reverse 1.2X special needs block grant increases from "one-time" funding        
SPED curriculum and Board Certified Applied Behavior Specialist    (1.03)    1.00
ELL Parent Liaison & staff training    (0.15)    1.00
CTE, Gifted, Native Ed increments   (0.13)   -
Subtotal     (1.31)   2.00
FY 2015-16 proposed budget development - incremental reductions        
Other than personnel services        
Eliminate school staff technology refresh     (1.15)    
Eliminate installment payments toward language arts curriculum software update     (0.35)    -
Reduce maintenance supplies increment by half     (0.19)    -
Eliminate addn'n SPED, Gifted, ELem., and Sec. supply allocations     (0.16)    -
Eliminate add'n ELL supplies   (0.08)   -
Eliminate new Assessment & Evaluation supplies/equipment (AIMSweb)   (0.12)   -
Subtotal     (2.05)   -
Personnel services        
 Eliminate middle school elective teacher team planning time    (2.00)    20.00
 World Languages additional FTE    (0.15)    1.50
 Charter school/alternative programs director    (0.14)    1.00
Subtotal     (2.29)   22.50
Total     (13.49)    58.5 
Prior year budget development considerations to address proposed 4.1% reduction in BSA
Reductions associated with -4.1% reduction in Base Student Allocation (BSA)        
 Charter school share of BSA formula reduction   (0.79)     
Subtotal     (0.79)     
Additional items from past three years of budget reduction considerations        
Central services        
School board, superintendent, chief administrative teams, OMB, Grant Writing, Accounting, Purchasing, Warehouse, Risk Management, Payroll, Human Resources, Elementary & Secondary administration, school activities administration, Curriculum & Instructional Support Services, Professional Learning, Assessment & Evaluation, IT, Music & Fine Arts, CTE administration, Communications, Library Resources        
Reduce staff by 4%   (1.26)   12.00
Subtotal     (1.26)   12.00
Ancillary/Building Services        
Reduce school building safety/security staff by 4%   (0.24)   3.00
Reduce district wide maintenance & operations by 4%   (1.84)   17.60
Subtotal     (2.08)   20.60
School Administration/Support [principals, asst. principals, admin support]        
Reduce school admin support staff by 4%   (1.70)   17.00
Subtotal     (1.70)   17.00
 Instructional Support (Target 4% reductions)        
 Special Education (prelim Maintenance of Effort restrains reductions to 3%)   (2.81)    33.00 
 English Language Learners (prelim Maintenance of Effort restrains reductions to 3%)   (0.43)    5.00 
 Career & Technical Education/Vocational Education        
 Gifted (inc. Ignite, highly gifted)        
 Alaska Native/Indian Education        
Counseling, nursing and librarian services   (1.67)   13.50
Subtotal     (4.90)    51.50 
Eliminate sports; transfer responsibility to private club sports organizations   (4.50)    
Subtotal     (4.50)     
Direct Classroom Instruction (reduce by 4%) (Increase PTR by approx. 1.3)        
Elementary   (4.70)   48.00
Middle   (1.30)   13.00
High   (2.21)   21.00
Alternative   (0.53)   5.00
Eliminate middle school core teacher team planning time   (3.00)   30.00
Subtotal     11.73    117.00 
Total     (26.96)    166.60 
GRAND TOTAL     (40.45)    276.60 




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