ASD centennial activities

ASD is excited to offer a variety of partnerships with local organizations to both celebrate the Anchorage Centennial and benefit students. In addition to the activities listed below, the ASD Social Studies department scheduled nine professional development trainings for teachers to acquaint them with the history and resources available at the following sites and institutions:


  • Nike Site Summit
  • Bagoy Cemetery
  • Court House
  • Jail Disposition Hearings
  • Alaska Veterans Museum
  • Alaska Troopers Museum
  • Alaska Museum
  • Alaska Jewish Museum
  • Dorothy Page Museum


Centennial Award for Alaska History Day

Feb. 14, Clark Middle School

The CIHS graciously provided funds to honor the “Best in Show” district-level National History Day projects that follow the national theme and focus on Anchorage’s history.  This year’s theme is “Leadership and Legacy in History.: One Junior Division and one Senior Division will be awarded.

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Centennial Play: Monster III: Happy Birthday, Anchorage!

Feb. 26-28, Historic West High Theater

A partner in the Anchorage Centennial celebration and Fur Rendezvous. Join the Monster School Puppets as they go back in time to see famous events in Anchorages history as it celebrates its 100th birthday.  With ties to ASD Social Studies, this show is not only excellent entertainment but also a great learning tool. Teachers will receive a curriculum packet to prepare students for this event.   


School performances: 10 a.m. Feb. 26, 10 a.m. and noon Feb. 27 (4,500 students are already scheduled to attend.)


Community performances: 6 p.m. Feb. 26, 6 p.m. Feb. 27, and 2, 4, and 6 p.m. Feb. 28

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Special Centennial Exhibits: Anchorage Museum

March 27 - May 15, Anchorage Museum

With a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum and Cook Inlet Historical Society, 1,375 ASD elementary students will attend the two centennial exhibits: Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage and City Limits at the Anchorage Museum. All will receive free buses, free guided investigations and free docent led tours. Title I schools will also receive free admission.


School performances available.

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100 Centennial STEM Activities

March 27 - May 15, Anchorage Museum

ArcGIS interactive map of 100 STEM opportunities throughout the Municipality of Anchorage. Teachers and School Business Partners will be populating the interactive map through the end of the school year. Projected rollout to the public is planned for June 2015 - just in time for families to engage in summer STEM fun.


Sponsored by the ASD STEM department.

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ASD Anchorage Centennial Poetry Contest

Deadline extended to Feb. 20

Help us celebrate this momentous milestone in our city’s history by writing a poem that personifies the colorful past and/or our vibrant present of Anchorage. Each student may submit up to two poems. The winning poems will be added here for you to see.


UPDATE: Read the winning poems!


Sponsored by the ASD Language Arts department.

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ARTennial Anchorage: Celebrating 100 Years

Mach 6 - Apr. 12, Anchorage Museum

Art is the footprint of our history, and Anchorage artists leave a big impression. We are rich in artistic culture, with one of the most diverse yet harmonious populations in the world. This is reflected in the art we create, celebrate and honor. From the creations of the youngest child to the most accomplished professional, the arts in Anchorage ar viewed and respected as reflections of our past, evidence of our present, and visions of our future. As we celebrate Anchorage's Centennial, we discover a correlation to the art that has traced our path. ASD student artists leave a unique trail, and we invite you to view their artwork as interpretations of time, history, surroundings and community.


Sponsored by the ASD Music and Fine Arts department.

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Commemorative Centennial Train Ride

April 22-24

Thanks to the Alaska Railroad and the Municipality, there will be a special field trip for second-grade students. All second-grade students can participate in a special ride through Anchorage on the Alaska Railroad commemorating the centennial.

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Then and Now: Centennial Dance Experience

April 23-24, East High School

East High Dance Contempo, directed by Lucia Wooley and Ariel Graham, prepared and presented a special dance performance that highlighted dance in 1915 and today. “The Charleston: In Celebration of 100 Years of Anchorage” was first presented on Nov. 7, 2014. An additional dance, “Swing-Swing Dance" was added in the Spring 2015. Both dances will be performed in Seward, Alaska on Thursday Feb. 26, 2015 and in the upcoming East High Spring Dance Concert. A "Paris Swing" special showing will take place on Feb. 17 at the ASD Education Center from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.


View video from the group's performance of "Then and Now Centennial Dance" at the ASD Education Center on February 17th.


Sponsored by the ASD Health and P.E. department.

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Anchorage GeoHistorian Project

Project completion scheduled for December

ASD students will develop their skills in historical analysis through writing and producing digital video narratives for preselected historical sites around Anchorage. Metal plaques imprinted with QR codes and placed by the municipality at prominent historical locations throughout Anchorage will allow these digital video narratives to be called up by visitors and played on their smart phones.


Sponsored by ASD"s Professional Learning, Information Technology, and Educational Technology departments, in partnership with the Cook Inlet Historical Society and the Municipality of Anchorage Historical Preservation Commission.

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