Celebrating Anchorage through Poetry


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Anchorage, the English Language Arts Department sponsored the ASD Centennial Poetry Contest 2015.  Haiku, acrostic, cinquain, rhyming and free verse poems were among the 129 entries received from grades K-10.  A winning poem was selected in each grade, K-6. Two honorable mentions were awarded in grades 7-10.  Winners received special gold certificates and books from Baker and Taylor Books.  


Photos of some of the winners may be viewed on the Centennial homepage.


Congratulations to the winners:



Jackson Ackerman,

Eagle River Elementary


1st grade

Edmund "Samuel" Theis

Eagle River Elementary


2nd grade

Bristol Tesch,

Turnagain Elementary






3rd grade

Liliana Rovira,

Government Hill Elementary


4th grade

Maia Brown,

Bayshore Elementary


5th grade

Camryn Brown,

Abbott Loop Elementary






6th grade

Jakkiah Valentine,

Abbott Loop Elementary


7th - 12th grade 

Due to limited entries at the secondary level, we have

selected two honorable mentions:


Abby Dodd,

Mears Middle School


LaTraviaus Kingsland-Kennedy,

Bartlett High School




Winning poems



In Anchorage

Bald eagles call to me

From the zebra striped birch trees

That bend and wave in the wind

They say winter is coming

So I can build snowmen

Play in the sparkling snow

That covers Anchorage


Jackson Ackerman

Kindergarten, Eagle River Elementary



Anchorage lights are like stars

Fluttering across the sky

Excited for Anchorage’s

100th Anniversary


Edmund “Samuel” Theis

1st grade, Eagle River Elementary


Chugach Mountains across Anchorage,

Cook Inlet has beaches with lots of sand,

Creeks stretch a long way out across the land,

Moose in the woods eating bark and trees,

People gliding on trails in Kincaid on skis.


Anchorage is awesome!


Bristol Tesch

2nd grade, Turnagain Elementary



Gardening in Anchorage

A hungry bull moose came to say

“Your carrots look yummy today!”

This mischievous beast

Then had a big feast

I’d rather he’d gone to Subway


Liliana Rovira

3rd Grade, Government Hill Elementary

A New Home

Moved to the last frontier

In summer I came.

I got to experience

The midnight sun’s flame.


Here above all others,

The dipper shining bright.

Alaska, oh Alaska,

A golden, cherishing sight.


Out in the wilderness,

Folks friendly enough.

Some live deep in the mountains,

Others by the bluff.


Vast mudflats,

A chance of a moose.

Upon great lakes,

Spy a goose.


A breath of air

In the bitter cold

As I walk to school

Frost bites and winds scold.


In the cold mornings

A midday moon

Glowing red in the distance.

Snow is coming soon!


Recycled stories

Never too old.

Reading by the fire

Ancient tales were told.


The skiers are skiing

Brave snowboarders slide

Skimming white mountains

A wild, freezing ride.


All united

Memories to share

Mother Nature links us

And now and then, a bear!


Maia Brown

4th grade, Bayshore Elementary


Come And see the last great race,

The dogs are always

keepiNg pace.

You Can see them run down the street,

Hear the pounding of their feet.

The nOrthern lights are up above.

Rushing home in the fluffy snow,

All the street lights are aglow.

AnchoraGe is the place for me,

I hopE someday you’ll come and see.


Camryn Brown

5th grade, Abbott Loop Elementary




New Taste

New Anchorage

 Shimmering lights

Styling, jogging, talking

Fancy, busy, settled, adventurous

Farming, fishing, walking

Undeveloped ancient

Tent City


Jakkiah Valentine

6th grade, Abbott Loop Elementary

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