Centennial Celebration Ideas

Febuary 11 through March 6, 2015


Schools may choose to integrate these resources throughout the school year in whatever manner they see fit. However, ASD will specifically focus on celebrating our 100 years during the period between February 11 and March 6, which coincides around the time of traditional 100th day of school celebration which leads into Fur Rendezvous. These materials contain general ideas that can be used in the school and/or classroom, as well as quick tie-ins that could be used on announcements or by classroom teachers and specialists alike. 


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Sample ideas:


  • Seymour ("See More") the Moose in the City

Similar to Flat Stanley, teachers have access to flat, coated paper "Seymour" moose cutouts, courtesy of the Anchorage Convention and Visitors' Bereau. Each student may have an individual copy, and are encouraged to take their Seymours out and about as they "see more" of their city. Photos may be shared via bulletin boards, websites, etc.


  • Popular games of the early 1900s

Introduce students to games that were popular during the "tent city" period of early Anchorage, including hopscotch, hide-and-seek, musical chairs, jump rope, leap frog, tops, marbles, hoops, jacks, yo-yos and hot potato. 


  • Create or read newspapers through the decades

Each grade level may research and write articles about events, issues and everyday life throughout the different time periods of Anchorage's history. 


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Explore the curriculum

The following materials were developed for school-wide, cross-disciplinary use by ASD teachers. Lessons include standards, supporting documents, and enrichment/extension ideas, and many can be adjusted to meet the developmental levels of students in other grade bands. These are just some ideas to get the celebration started.



Lesson plans for K-3

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Lesson plans for 4-6

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Lesson plans for 7-8

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