The Anchorage School District Comprehensive Assessment System is a multiple assessment framework focused on providing credible and dependable information for the common purpose of advancing education.



State Assessments

Alaska's state assessment system is composed of five statewide assessments including a standards-based summative assessment to measure student attainment of the state's standards. Anchorage School District is required under regulation to participate in the state assessments in order to measure and report student progress and for accountability purposes.



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District Assessments

District-wide assessments are used at identified grade levels and specific times of the year to provide a more detailed look at student progress. District assessments can be used to measure growth, track student performance and knowledge and help identify instructional needs and resources within the district.




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Assessment Literacy

Assessment is the process of gathering evidence of student learning to inform education-related decisions. Having common definitions and building an understanding of assessment literacy have far-reaching implications that ensure the selection of quality assessments, align best practices for instruction and implement sound decision-making models that benefit all students.




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