‌Dashboard delivers data to your fingertips



At the Anchorage School Board's direction, the District created a public dashboard featuring data on student academic status, attendance, on track for graduation, and behavior/discipline.


"The dashboard should be seen as a flashlight, not a hammer. It will illuminate areas in which we can improve," said Tam Agosti-Gisler, Anchorage School Board President. 


President Agosti-Gisler encouraged community members to join ASD in using the dashboard for the various ways they are working to support and improve education in our community.


Superintendent Deena Bishop said the Data Dashboard is a high-level tool to provide transparency and help guide the District.


"We need to ensure a good education happens for everyone, not just some students," said Dr. Bishop. "We use the dashboard to help guide us to see where we're going. We're not going to stay here and admire any problems we find. We are looking to the future and moving forward to help every student succeed."


Dr. Bishop stressed the dashboard is not a "gotcha" for educators.


"A number is only a number. That one number, or even several numbers, will never define a child. Numbers will guide us but they will not define who we are. Without all of the pieces of information, we don't know what we have."


Dr. Bishop said the data will leave many questioning, "Now what?"


She said data affords us the opportunity to ask questions and create a plan to move us to where we want to be. It gives school staff the ability to talk about student groups and outcomes with data that haven't been easily accessible before now. These conversations will help improve academic outcomes for all students.



"You do what you know, and when you know better, you do better," said Dr. Bishop.


She acknowledged that the data can be uncomfortable but stressed both school staff and community leaders want the same outcomes.


"The dashboard should be seen as a flashlight, not a hammer. It will illuminate areas in which we can improve.”

- Tam Agosti-Gisler, Anchorage School Board President


At a recent community meeting about the dashboard, Dr. Bishop asked principals and the community to challenge and support every student in order to create better experiences and outcomes.


"These data provided in the dashboard already existed on various platforms. ASD staff took the data that was already there and put it together so we collectively - staff, students, families and the community - can work together," said Dr. Bishop.


"We want a health community, where students earn a diploma which will lead to a career with a livable wage so they can each live a happy life. We want them to live, work, play, and stay in Anchorage."



Future enhancements

The Data Dashboard was created by ASD’s Information Technology Department. Staff will continue to make enhancements and improvements to the system.

Data Dashboard

ASD Data Dashboard screen shot (click to enlarge).

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Data Dashboard

Do I alter the data when I make selections on any dashboard?

Data cannot be altered when interacting with any of the dashboards. No matter how many filters you apply, the original report and data will not be affected. 

How do I access the data provided in the interactive report?
Data presented in the dashboard cannot be downloaded. If specific data is desired, please complete a data, research or survey request form.
Why do some dashboards load slower than others?
Some dashboards utilize much larger data sets that others and use more complex calculations to derive the numbers and percentages displayed on the dashboard resulting in slower performance.
I noticed that the number of students for school X in a specific group last month is slightly different than this month’s. Why?
Data percentages and numbers on any dashboard may change slightly with each data refresh to reflect the most current information. For example, if a student was accidentally marked absent on a day’s attendance log but the information was later corrected and the student marked present, the 90% attendance dashboard information will be updated during the next data refresh.

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