Destination 2020

ASD's strategic plan

Every child. At least one year's growth. Every year.


Destination 2020 is the district’s comprehensive, multi-year plan to increase student achievement. The plan focuses on improving the performance of every child to ensure at least one year’s academic growth each year. Destination 2020 is built on the district’s mission, vision and core values as outlined by the school board. Learn about how Destination 2020 was created and its components.



Educate all students for success in life



All students will graduate prepared for post-secondary and employment opportunities.


Goals and strategies


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Goal 1: 90 percent of students will be proficient in reading, writing and math

Strategy: Deliver comprehensive K-12 curriculum with explicit and differentiated instruction to all students.



Grad cap icon‌Goal 2: 90 percent of students will graduate high school

Strategy: Increase opportunities for every student to reach his or her potential and achieve career and college readiness.


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‌Goal 3: Every student will attend school at least 90 percent of the time

Strategy: Increase student and parent engagement and enhance student experience in the classroom.



Thumb icon‌Goal 4: 90 percent of parents recommend their child's school to others

Strategy: Build stronger relationships with students and parents through effective communication and parental involvement opportunities.



Shield icon‌Goal 5: 100 percent staff and students feel safe at school

Strategy: Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all students and staff.



Gears icon‌Goal 6: All departments will rank in the top quartile for operational efficiency

Strategy: Improve long-range planning to enhance and focus programs to augment overall effectiveness.




2013-14 Initiatives


InitiativesGoal(s) supported

Implement Common Core State Standards and align curriculum and professional development

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Implement Response to Instruction

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Implement K-8 math program

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Update long-range fiscal outlook with cost-driver analysis

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Refine budget process and communication

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Enhance audit approach and financial controls

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Partner or merge services with municipal, Native and community entities

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Enhance two-way communication between school and parents/community

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Develop and implement a comprehensive certificated staff evaluation framework

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Identify and implement performance measures for districtwide analysis

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Examine ASD educational program opportunities

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Develop and implement school communications campaign

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Improve Student Nutrition’s product, service and efficiency

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Construct funded school safety improvements

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Office of Management & Budget

The district budgets its resources based on the strategic plan outlined within Destination 2020.




Expect the Best

The district's annual report to the community is published each fall.


Profile of Performance

The district’s comprehensive report to the school board on academic achievement.


Performance Goals and Measures reports

These reports assess district and school performance toward meeting the Destination 2020 objectives.




School Business Partnerships

Linking hundreds of community businesses to our schools for meaningful and effective partnerships.


United Way 90 percent by 2020 logoUnited Way of Anchorage

Supporting the goal of a 90% graduation rate by the year 2020.