Destination 2020

ASD's strategic plan

Destination 2020 is the district’s comprehensive multi-year plan to increase student achievement. The plan focuses on improving the performance of every child to ensure at least one year’s academic growth every year. We have firmly established our vision and embraced our core values in order to develop this plan that will ensure continued improvement. Destination 2020’s framework will guide us in long- and short-term planning and decision-making. It will drive how we prioritize our budgetary, staffing and physical resources.


Superintendent Ed Graff emphasizes the goals of Destination 2020 at the 2014-15 State of the Schools

Mission, vision and core values

Destination 2020 is built on the district's mission to educate all students for success in life and our vision of having all students graduate prepared for post-secondary and employment opportunities.  Core values are the guidelines for decision-making and ethical conduct. They are beliefs that are shared throughout the district. They are the guiding principles we use to reach our goals. Learn about how Destination 2020 was created and its components.


In order to meet our vision and fulfill our mission, the district must be committed to strategic initiatives and encompassing goals. Goals are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.


Destination 2020 goals

As we implement strategies and tactics, we use performance measures to evaluate our efforts. Each of our goals contain one or more performance measures which use data and statistical evidence to determine progress. 



Areas of Focus

  • Curriculum
    Implement Common Core State Standards and academic plans by continuing K-12 curriculum realignment in all subject areas and staff professional development.
  • Early learning
    Build on success of early learning efforts by expanding pre-kindergarten programs, using literacy coaches to improve reading for early learners and maintain low student/teacher ratios in grades K-2.
  • Response to Instruction
    Continue implementation of three-tiered RTI framework focused on data-based decision making with appropriate placement and interventions for student success.
  • Social and Emotional Learning
    Integrate Social and Emotional Learning into curriculum, instruction and professional development by infusing SEL strategies into all academic plans and using strategies and programs to improve school climate.
  • Career and Technical Education
    Continue Career and Technical Education curriculum realignment and develop comprehensive academic plans.


  • Students
    Extend targeted learning supports for students.
  • Teachers
    Implement Danielson Framework for Teaching and Teachscape to evaluate and improve teacher effectiveness.


Professional Learning
  • Leadership/administration
    Enhance professional development opportunities for school principals and district leadership.
  • Teachers
    Improve effectiveness of teachers through instructional tours.


Business Management
  • Update long-term financial outlook
    Update six-year financial forecast; manage fund balance to sustain bond rating and remain within board fund balance policy guidelines.
  • Refine budget process
    Develop pro forma budget assumptions using: 1) updated long-term financial outlook, 2) board guidance, 3) engagement of stakeholders and 4) review of operational efficiency benchmarks.
  • Update classroom technology
    Refresh and extend mobile IT classroom resources and online testing support systems.


  • School safety
    Evaluate and improve safety measures through implementation of new threat assessment guidelines in secondary schools.
  • Workplace safety
    Reduce number and severity of ASD workplace accidents.


  • External
    Continue development of partnerships and collaborations to improve communication with community members and business leaders.
  • Internal
    Continue to enhance communication and information sharing among staff regarding the goals and outcomes of the district’s strategic plan.


Human Resources
  • Compensation administration
    Continue to offer a fair and equitable compensation plan for employees which includes salaries, benefits and the administration of contracts.
  • Compliance/equal employment opportunity
    Ensure work and learning environments are safe, respectful, inclusive and free from any form of harassment and discrimination.
  • Recruitment and retention
    Prioritize recruitment and retention of qualified and trained employees to effectively meet district goals.



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