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Anchorage is a great city with much to offer those of us who choose to live, work, play and raise families here. Our community supports public education and sees the value it provides to our society.


More than 600 community partners generously offer their support to our teachers and our schools. These partners are made up of large corporations, family-owned businesses, nonprofit organizations and military units. Within each of them are the individuals who give their time and forge personal connections in our schools. This is a testament to the dedication and commitment of business leaders who work together to make a positive impact on public education in our community.


We welcome and encourage parents to take an active role in their child's education. There is no role more important or critical in society than that of a parent. Parents shoulder huge responsibilities, from addressing a child's immediate needs to instilling in them the importance of education and being their most important advocate. By engaging parents and the community, we will turn simple lessons into successful careers for our next generation of leaders.


Our community supports 
public education






Continue development of partnerships and collaborations to improve communication with community members and business leaders.


Continue to enhance communication and information sharing among staff regarding the goals and outcomes of the district’s strategic plan.

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