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Students thrive when they have high-quality educational opportunities. Wonderful things happen for students when students are provided with interesting, hands-on activities.


In order to provide them with the best education possible, we are working to  individualize our instruction in every classroom. In simple terms, this means we are providing the right instruction at the right time to each one of our students.


We must focus on all or four students collectively and still meet the needs of each of them individually. Achieving that balance will be challenging, but it's what we owe our students, their parent and our community.


We are providing students the best possible education






Implement Common Core State Standards and academic plans by continuing K-12 curriculum realignment in all subject areas and staff professional development.

Early learning

Build on success of early learning efforts by expanding pre-kindergarten programs, using literacy coaches to improve reading for early learners and maintain low student/teacher ratios in grades K-2.

Response to Instruction

Continue implementation of three-tiered RTI framework focused on data-based decision making with appropriate placement and interventions for student success.

Social and Emotional Learning

Integrate Social and Emotional Learning into curriculum, instruction and professional development by infusing SEL strategies into all academic plans and using strategies and programs to improve school climate.

Career and Technical Education

Continue Career and Technical Education curriculum realignment and develop comprehensive academic plans.






Extend targeted learning supports for students.

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