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Health Clinic for Employees Opens Sept. 27

Employees, spouses, and dependents (age 3+) on the District-sponsored health plans have access to the new Vera Whole Health clinic in midtown, opening Sept. 27. There are at least three reasons why the Vera clinic is a great new benefit:


  • Cost. The cost to use the clinic is either free or low cost, depending on which insurance plan you have. The cost for preventive care is always free.
  • Quality not quantity. Long gone are the 7-minute appointments with a doctor. Each visit at Vera Whole Health ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Incentive. Employees that come to the Vera clinic and complete all four steps of the Annual Whole Health Evaluation will receive an extra $200 in the paycheck following completion.
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For more information, visit or call the clinic directly at 907-302-4950.


District-sponsored health plans only include the PPO and the Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) Employees covered on the District-sponsored plans include ACE, APA, Exempt, Food Services, Maintenance, Non-Represented, and TOTEM.



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