screenshot of new website homepage and ASD mobile app

ASD to Release Suite of New Digital Communications Tools

On Jan. 16, 2018, ASD will release a newly designed website and new mobile app. Later on during the spring semester, schools will release new websites and begin using an improved mass notification system.


The public-facing side of redesigned ASD website will focus on need-to-know content for parents, students, and community members.

Employee content that was previously found on will move to Support Central. Stay tuned for more information in Inside ASD about where staff can find internal content when the new website goes live.

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All of these products will be hosted by one vendor, Blackboard, and can be managed from one web portal or from a mobile phone, giving principals and their designees the ability to craft a message and post in a variety of places with a one click of a button. For example, a message can be sent to parents as an email, posted to the school website, and to the school's social media accounts all in one step.


The free mobile app, available for Apple or Android devices, will allow parents and families to stay connected in real time with information on

  • their child's academic performance,
  • school calendars,
  • lunch account balances,
  • news, photos, and more.

The mobile app isn't just for parents. Anyone can download it to stay up-to-date on district or school information. Only parents/guardians and students will have access to student information. For those who speak another language, the app will translate to more than 65 different languages so all members of our community can stay connected. 



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