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Immunizations are required

Alaska regulations require that all students be immunized (4 AAC 06.055). See the State of Alaska Requirements Packet for more information.


Immunization clinics

Several clinics offer immunizations. Please see the Clinics page for locations and schedules.

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Before admission to school, the parent must:

  1. Provide an immunization record from a physician, health department, or other health care provider showing dates (month, day, year) of required immunizations.
    Requirements: K-12 | Preschool
  1. Obtain required immunizations (K-12 | Preschool). If there are medical or religious reasons a child cannot be vaccinated, call the school nurse for further information. There is a State Medical Exemption form for medical exemptions and a Religious Exemption form that must be notarized.



Students with no shot records or waiting for shot records:

  1. To be admitted, a child must receive one dose each of DTP/DT/Td, Polio, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and MMR vaccine; K-6 must also have a dose of varicella. Pre-school children must have Hib vaccine and varicella vaccine or have a history of varicella disease documented on the state form by a medical provider (MD/DO/ANP/PA).

  2. A signed physician's statement (on the State Medical Exemption form) is required if there are medical reasons a child cannot be vaccinated.  Only a physician (MD/DO), physician’s assistant or advanced nurse practitioner licensed in Alaska is authorized to exempt children from immunizations.

  3. To remain in school a medically verified record must be provided showing the dates of all required immunizations, or the remaining immunizations must be given.

  4. Military or students in the Homeless program, please discuss your shot records with Health Services or your school nurse. Federal law makes a 30 day provision for qualifying circumstances. Military waiver form  |  Homeless waiver form

  5. Children not complying with immunization requirements must be excluded from school.

We in the school district, as well as other medical experts, believe every child should have a medical home. The physician's office is the best place for all of your child's care including these and all other immunizations. If all health care is done in one place, the child's records will be complete and in one location. Alternative choices include the following locations where you may receive free immunizations.


Shot records

Notifying the Anchorage School District

Once your child's shot record has been updated, be sure the district gets a copy. Send or fax a copy to our Health Services Program and bring a copy to your school when you register your child.

Mailing address
Health Services Department
5530 E Northern Lights Blvd
Anchorage, Alaska 99504-3135


Fax number


Phone number

Obtaining the shot or TB skin test record


When a student is transferring within the district, their record will follow them in Zangle and the receiving school will have access.  


For a student who has graduated from or left the district, a request needs to be made to the Student Records department, 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, Alaska 99504, Phone: 907-742-4607, Fax: 907-742-4644.


Current elementary, middle, and high school student shot records can be obtained at the school. Parents need to complete a request for records and submit it to the school nurse. The nurse will print a copy for the parents. Administrative assistants and school secretaries also have the ability to print out these records. Download the Authorization for Release of Immunization or TB Records form to request records.

ASD Health Services forms

  • Asthma Action Plan
    For students with asthma medication in school (parent and physician to complete)



Information Release Forms


Medication-Related Forms


Exemption Forms

  • Religious Exemption 

    State of Alaska Religious Exemption Requirements:

    • All religious exemption forms must be updated every year on or after July 1 and are effective July 1 - June 30. (Extended through summer school if the student attends the summer school session)
    • Previously completed religious exemption forms will NOT be grandfathered.
    • All religious exemptions must be documented on the official State of Alaska Religious Exemption Form.
    • All religious exemption forms must be notarized.  


  • Medical Exemption
    Use this form to request an exemption from immunizations in situations where immunizations would be injurious to the health of the student or other household members. Must be completed by MD, DO, ANP, PA only. State form must be used. No other forms or written notes can be accepted, including out-of-state.

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