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District news

Anchorage STrEaM Academy to open in 2016-17

March 25, 2015

Anchorage STrEaM Academy Charter School announces lease negotiations with Wayland Baptist University.

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The Alaska Association of School Librarians Announce 2015 School Librarian of the Year

March 13, 2015

The Alaska Association of School Librarians (AkASL) announced Suzanne Metcalfe of Dimond High School as the School Librarian of the Year.

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Municipality Supports Programming Students

March 6, 2015

Pilot programming class at Muldoon Elementary has expanded to additional schools.

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ASD students showcase world language skills in statewide competition

March 5, 2015

Nearly 300 ASD students who have learned another language in school, put their knowledge and authentic use of speaking skills to the test at the Alaska State World Language Declamation Contest, held on Feb. 28.

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PAIDEIA Cooperative School is ready for 2015 ASD lottery

March 3, 2015

On December 15, 2014, the Anchorage School District School board unanimously approved the charter for the new PAIDEIA Cooperative School.  

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Upcoming events

Apr 7

Municipal Election

2015 Regular Municipal Election

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May 2

Super Sweeper Saturday

Super Sweeper Saturday is ASD's participation in the Anchorage Citywide Cleanup effort. School groups will be collecting bags of trash to help beautify our city.

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May 21

Classes End

Last day of classes for students

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May 22

Teachers' Last Day

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May 25

Memorial Day Holiday

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In the spotlightMusic and art

Youth Art Month

March is Youth Art Month! Learn about all the great things the Music & Fine Arts department is doing to support art in schools. A schedule of events can be found on their department page. ‌


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‌New to the district? Wondering how to enroll?
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SignpostOur Welcome to ASD section walks you through the process of determining your child's needs, researching your options and how to enroll or register at a school.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to the Data Site Based Specialists at ASD Elementary Schools! A huge thank you to the Elementary Data Site Based Specialists, who have displayed the utmost level of professionalism throughout the academic school year. These dedicated individuals have worked diligently to develop a capacity for understanding RTI levels of implementation, data dialogue, AIMSweb features, and supporting professional development at their school sites. We value and appreciate their willingness to accept this position of leadership and the positive impact they have on the students and staff of ASD.

    - Christine Dennis and Kaci Stephens, Data SBS Facilitators

  • Quyana to Jason Wall, Katie Madden, Sara Carroll, and Josh Goldsmith at Gruening Middle School! The Grizzly Team teachers have really been exposing their students to quality research. They have helped their students advance from going straight to Google just to fill in a blank, to diving into databases and electronic books for exploratory research. Throughout the year, the teachers have helped scaffold MLA citation lessons with their students. The students really get it! It is amazing to witness a class full of 7th graders sitting down on computers, going straight to quality resources and writing out citations like pros! Thanks for helping give these students a solid foundation to help them be successful in their academic careers!

    - Karen Johnson, Gruening librarian

  • Quyana to Shanti Trevelyan at Denali Montessori School! Ms. Shanti has been an outstanding member of our Denali Montessori community for seven years. This year she was a primary voice in gathering a parking lot committee to improve our arrival and dismissal procedures. Through her actions and perseverance, our signage is improved and much clearer. She organized a safety assembly to explain the new procedures and helped write the communications for the families. Most importantly, because of Ms. Shanti our children are safer and we have a lasting system in place now that will keep them safe in the future. Thank you Ms. Shanti!

    - Ruth Dene, principal

  • Quyana to Mrs. Morton at Fire Lake Elementary! Mrs. Morton has been a great influence on our son. Prior to his second grade year reading had been a difficult journey for him, reading at below grade level and not enjoying the process. Mrs. Morton has helped instill a love of reading in our son. Third quarter has seen a jump to grade level and a huge improvement in his effort. He now enjoys reading, tackling harder chapter books, and makes reading part of his daily routine. We are very grateful to Mrs. Morton's dedication to teaching students and in particular to our son. We owe her a lot of gratitude.

    - Kim and Gary Martin, parents

  • Quyana to Roger Parr, Wendi Hove, Cindy Coonrad, and Stacy Ledgerwood at Kincaid Elementary! Our playground supervisors are fantastic! Rain, wind, shine or snow, they are out there for hours, enthusiastically supervising and interacting positively with the students. They have the difficult task of keeping the kids safe while letting them have some fun and blow off steam. This is a hard balancing act and they do it well! The consistency of having the same team throughout the year has drastically reduced the amount of "playground incidents" that carry over into the classroom as well. We really appreciate Roger, Wendi, Cindy and Stacy and their contributions to our school! They have an often thankless job, but we'd like to extend our thanks to them!

    - Amy DeWall, parent and teacher

  • Quyana to Sarah Afoa at Gladys Wood Elementary! Mrs. Afoa is a kind, gentle soul. She takes the time to acknowledge every student individually in her class, personalizing her conversations with them, letting each child know that she truly cares about their lives. Our children have received letters in the mail addressed to them on breaks thanking them for a gift and letting them know how special they are. Thank you Mrs. Afoa and ASD for building the early foundation needed for success later in school and in life.

    - Dennis and Michelle Nelson, parents

  • Quyana to David Block at West High School! At my request Dave Block worked for over a year to research, write, produce, and direct a special Centennial play for ASD students and the community, Monsters III: Happy Birthday Anchorage! As the capstone ASD event honoring the Centennial, this play was a huge success with over 5,000 students and hundreds of community members attending. Dave brought many non-profit organizations on to support the event and was willing to provide printing, props, sets and more gratis in order to keep the cost low. It was brilliantly written and executed. Everyone walked away learning something new about Anchorage's history and even some life lessons. 

    - Pamela Orme, Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator

  • Quyana to Adrianne Grenier at Chester Valley Elementary! Along with Ms. Coker and Ms. Barber, Ms. Grenier has helped me transition my family to this new school. The great teachers have helped my children thrive. 

    - Shayla Urevich, parent

  • Quyana to Rolf Bilet at Student Nutrition! Rolf always goes above and beyond when he makes his deliveries to ANCCS. He always has a smile on his face, he treats everyone he comes in contact with as if they are special person and they feel special. We can always tell when Rolf isn't at work, deliveries aren't made with the same outstanding customer service. Quyana Rolf, you are very much appreciated! 

    - Elizabeth Hancock, peer

  • Quyana to Ryan Shanley at Information Technology! Ryan is an invaluable member of our ASD team! He has created innovative systems of support for AIMSweb and many other technology-based instructional programs that are used in schools and classrooms. We appreciate his hard work and dedication. Thank you for all that you do, Ryan!

    - Kaci Stephens, RTI Training and Instructional Specialist, Assessment and Evaluation

  • Quyana to Dayna Durr at ACE/ACT! Quyana to Dayna Durr for her support of the students at the ACE/ACT Program. As a teacher, it is wonderful to know that our Assistant Principal is going above and beyond to help students in crisis and to turn any situation into a positive learning experience.

    - Jen Rehm, teacher

  • Quyana to students Jaiden Tabios-Susue, Hannah Greene, and Principal Darrell Berntsen at College Gate Elementary! A sincere thank you for the wonderful tour that these students and Principal Berntsen organized for Visit Our Schools Month. I was thoroughly impressed by all of the amazing things happening at College Gate, and how knowledgeable and articulate the student ambassadors were who independently guided me on the tour. I am glad I had the opportunity to visit such a remarkable school, and grateful for the warm reception of both the staff and students.

    - Lauren Shutt, ASD staff member

  • Quyana to Maria Skala, Amy Utley and Leola Rutherford at South Anchorage High School! On behalf of the South High Debate, Drama and Forensic Team, thank you for all the time, energy and dedication you have put forth this season for our amazing team. Your  support and advocacy for this activity has had a direct impact on our ability to achieve success this season.

    - Kari Jahnsen, student

  • Quyana to the Secondary teachers at Polaris K-12! The Secondary Teachers at Polaris K-12 are deserving of praise for their constant focus on striving toward excellence in the teaching profession. We would like to recognize these teachers for being intentional about planning and providing high-quality educational opportunity for all students. Our son is enthusiastic about lifelong learning and feels welcome, involved and supported in this wonderful community! Learning activities are designed to capitalize on variety, multi-disciplinary use of skills, real-life connections, responsibility, transfer of previous learning and challenge leading to mastery of new skills. These fine educators model a commitment to lifelong learning and personal excellence for students and parents alike. In reaching for the stars, you are touching the future. Thank you for sharing the best of yourselves and caring so deeply about the important job you do! 

    - Jesus & Colleen Castaneda, parents

  • Quyana to Allison Susel and Kathy Clawson at Assessment and Evaluation! A HUGE thank you to Allison Susel and Kathy Clawson for all of their hard work on organizing the AMP implementation and delivering timely training regarding universal tools accommodations to all of the elementary site-based specialists and secondary math and language arts department chairs. This enormous feat included back-to-back presentations in multiple locations across Anchorage. We really appreciate all that you do for ASD!

    - Stacy Miller, Christine Dennis and Kaci Stephens, Colleagues

  • Quyana to Bryan Bearss at Abbott Loop Elementary! Mr. Bearss has been an irreplaceable part of the Abbott Loop Staff. He has brought his endless effort to help teachers and students and the Abbott Loop community, as well as make time to run the Iditarod. More times than I can count, Mr. Bearss has jumped in at a moment's notice to help out a teacher, including myself, whose sub didn't show up, or someone who needs a little help with a lesson. Abbott Loop is fortunate to have Mr. Bearss, thank you.

    - Katharine Thomas, Teacher

  • Quyana to Bryan Bearss at Abbott Loop Elementary! I would like to thank Bryan for all his help the last few weeks in my classroom. Bryan is always willing to help and make time for whatever need there is in the classroom or with particular students; he is a great resource and is very professional in giving advice and suggestions. He is always courteous and very approachable. Thank you so much, Bryan, for everything you do at Abbott Loop Elementary!

    - Kerstin Lamberson Olson, Teacher

  • Quyana to Trena Rose at Bayshore Elementary! Ms. Rose goes above and beyond to attend to the needs of each of her students. I am grateful for the dedication and energy she has committed to my son, and her whole class. 

    - Caroline Storm, Parent

  • Quyana to the office staff at Williwaw Elementary! The Williwaw office came to our rescue when our Emp Center at the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School went down and we needed a key to get to the actual machine. Their customer service both on the phone and in person was amazing! Thank you so much for helping ANCCS and being so nice about the entire situation! It really helped us!! Thank you, Thank you! Quyanapak!

    - Elizabeth Hancock, Colleague

  • Quyana to the hockey coaching staff at Bartlett High School! After reading the ADN article on your team, thank you for teaching your hockey players so many important skills: perseverance, loyalty, team work, and commitment. You have helped raise strong young men, and you have created a team with a heart!

    - Diane H., parent, community member, and staff

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