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District news

Students attend wilderness conference

October 8, 2014

Five ASD high school students will attend conference that commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

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Students practice safe walking

October 6, 2014

Anchorage schools will join 800 schools across the nation to participate in Walk to School Day Oct. 8.

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Defense Dept. awards grant

September 29, 2014

The DoDEA Educational Partnership has awarded a $1.7 million grant to the Anchorage School District.

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2015-16 budget

September 25, 2014

Anchorage School Board hosts listening sessions about district’s financial outlook.

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iBook explores Anchorage

September 18, 2014

Book is part of second-grade curriculum that includes lessons about Anchorage and its history.

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Upcoming events

Oct 22

Parent conference days, Oct. 22-23

Parent conference days Oct. 22-23. School schedules and student-release times vary.

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Oct 23

Parent conference days, Oct. 22-23

Parent conference days Oct. 22-23. School schedules and student-release times vary.

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Oct 24

In-service day

State released professional development day, no school for students

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Nov 2

Daylight saving time ends

Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 2. Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour.

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Nov 5

Pre-calculus, world languages materials review

Community invited to take part in process of reviewing new materials for pre-calculus courses and materials for level I and II courses in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish.

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Dollar bill2015-16 budget

Budget documents, presentations, meeting dates, a comment form and more can be found in the Office of Management and Budget section.   

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‌New to the district? Wondering how to enroll?
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SignpostOur Welcome to ASD section walks you through the process of determining your child's needs, researching your options and how to enroll or register at a school.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to nurses at health services! I want to say thank you/Quyana to the wonderful nurses at ASD Health Services.  I sent them a massive amount of health related paperwork that needed to be entered into Zangle right away.  I needed their assistance due to the large amount of health paperwork that is generated at the high school level.  In addition, I was experiencing significant hand numbness which hampered my own ability for data entry.  Their willingness and their timeliness was exceptional.  They really helped me out!

    - Stephanie Wilhelm, Bartlett High, peer

  • Quyana to Bryan Stenhejem, Tony Moore, Brandon Kennedy at grounds crew/facility maitenance! Many thanks to the grounds crew that worked on the Kincaid Garden Project this summer.Particular thanks to Tony Moore, Brandon Kennedy and Bryan Stenhejem. These guys are passionate about their jobs and take great pride in their work. The garden project is a great asset to the Kincaid community! 

    - Judy Campbell, teacher/grandparent community member

  • Quyana to Anya Kean at Librarian at Rabbit Creek Elementary ! A huge thanks to Anya for innovative library lessons for our LifeSkills students! She truly thinks outside the box in order to connect the lessons for the students. Each week she offers a hands-on small building project, first reading stories about the correlating topic (i.e. build a birdhouse, truck, boat, etc) The kids love it and look forward to library. Last spring she had them starting bulbs and consequently we had beautiful flower beds through to this fall! Thank you Anya Kean! 

    - Patricia Giralt, LifeSkills TA

  • Quyana to Larry Nevada at S.A.V.E. High School! Mr. Nevada has been an invaluable next-door-teacher in helping me get the APEX system set up for my new classroom.  He is consistently cheerful, helpful, friendly, and patient, and is a consummate computer master.  We are very blessed by his expertise and kind attitude!  Thanks, Larry!

    - Bev Kirk, peer

  • Quyana to Staff at S.A.V.E. High/Continuation Program! A BIG thank you to the incredible S.A.V.E. staff for the amazing welcome I am experiencing in my new transfer position this year.  Everyone here is consistently friendly, supportive, kind, helpful, and welcoming.  The calm, sincere atmosphere here is a great tribute to our administrative leadership.  Thank you, Ms. Parker and staff! 

    - Bev Kirk, Continuation Program teacher

  • Quyana to Theresa Reich at Trailside/Spring Hill/Rilke Schule/SEAS! Theresa Reich was the lead in hosting a special curriculum camp last summer to prepare lessons and activities for Anchorages Centennial.  Theresa was an exceptional leader.  She guided the teachers, edited and produced an exceptional 147-page resource with activities and lesson plans for all teachers and schools to use in preparation for ASD's Centennial Celebration that will be held from February 16- March 6, 2015.   Theresa also helped train teachers to present the lessons with over 175 teachers being trained at both the elementary and secondary cross-district events. Theresa was the catalyst that made this possible. 

    - Pamela J Orme, peer

  • Quyana to Ms. Gains and Ms. Lowe at Fairview Elementary School! I would just like to thank ms gains and ms lowe for all their hard work and always having a smile on their face when I come in to Fairview. with any questions or concerns they always direct me to the correct person.  They are always so positive and supportive throughout the years my children have went to Fairview. I have a child in 6th grade and in 4th grade and those two ladies are always so amazing. They always make me feel so welcome. I just wanted to recognize them and to say thank you for all you do. Not only for my children but for the school.

    - Carol Taylor, parent

  • Quyana to Alix Mckee at Chinook Elementary! I would like to recognize and thank Alix McKee. She is a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. She goes above and beyond for her students and their parents. Thank-you so much Alix for all that you have done and all that you are doing. 

    - Amanda Evans, parent

  • Quyana to PE Department at West High! Thank you to the West High School PE Department for such an amazing start to the school year. Their newly implemented policy of all students wearing a West HS PE t-shirt has created uniformity, 100% participation in sports and activities, and students are easily identifiable in the hallways. The PE Department rocks! 

    - Administrative Team, West High, Supervisors

  • Quyana to Gilbert Mayo at West High School! A huge thank you and appreciation to Gilbert Mayo for going above and beyond his job title. Gilbert is always available and willing to support teachers and students in any aspect. He never complains and is eager to get his job done in a timely manner. He is such a treasure at West High School, I don't know what we would do without him! 

    - Lakhita Banks, Supervisor

  • Quyana to Mitchell Tarter at Mirror Lake Middle School! My son has had a difficult time with Mathematics. This year he has been placed in Mr. Tarter's Mathematics Support Class. While having our daily discussion about the curriculum Michael brought up a game called Buzz that Mr. Tarter was using to help the students with math. I was caught off guard when my son said that Mr. Tarter was an excellent teacher. He said, "He keeps things fun, engaging, and makes math fun". When I asked if this was isolated or just a fluke my son replied that it was not. He said that the way Mr. Tarter teaches ensures that ALL students are always participating, responding, and genuinely interested. "He makes math fun!". Mr. Tarter, It is a genuine pleasure to hear this from my son. It would be a pleasure to hear this from any student. My hat is off to you. Thank you and keep up the great work. Teachers like you are needed.

    - Michael Waszak, parent

  • Quyana to Elizabeth Hancock at ANCCS! Elizabeth Hancock is our AA at ANCCS. I am thankful to how quickly she responded to the earthquake this afternoon. When she announced over the school intercom that this was a "duck and cover", my whole class was able to comply. It was only when we were all safely under our desks, I realized that it was a real event. Her quick thinking gave us the chance to really practice the drills. Thank you, for keeping our students safe. 

    - Clara Amidon, teacher

  • Quyana to Shawn Hicks, Mike Bryant, Ben Wargny, Raymond Taylor and Kraig Sorenson at Painting! A huge quyana to Shawn Hicks, Mike Bryant, Ben Wargny, Raymond Taylor and Kraig Sorenson and their supervisor Jerry Uptmor at the painting department.  They painted the whole library at my school in only three days!  And not only that, but they did an absolutely perfect job, cleaned up each day so that we were able to accommodate hundreds of students in the interim, and were friendly, reliable, meticulous, and professional.  I can't express my gratitude and delight enough.  Thanks guys! 

    - Nicole Roohi, school librarian

  • Quyana to Brian Okuley at Central Middle School! Mr. Okuley has been an amazing, supportive and dedicated example of what the teaching profession to aspire to.  He stays in during his lunch and after school to help all of his students.  He returns thoughtful and meaningful emails in response to parent questions.  In my daughter's case, he has responded in a very timely fashion to emails and after checking with other members of the Spirit Team to make sure that his comments are well based in fact.  When my daughter has struggled, he has given her encouragement and helpful feedback.  Thank you Mr. Okuley.  I'm so glad my daughter is in your class!

    - Tina Osgood, parent

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