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District to review materials for high school chemistry

November 24, 2015

Public review and input is welcome.

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Salaries and Emoluments Public Hearing

November 20, 2015

The following news release regarding Anchorage School Board members is shared on behalf of the Municipal Clerk's Office. 

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ASD to engage in community conversations about the school budget

November 19, 2015

All residents encouraged to participate in variety of ways

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District to review materials for Survey of Algebra and advanced world languages

November 11, 2015

Public review and input is welcome

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East High students’ video places top 100 in national teen safety contest

November 10, 2015

The following news release is shared by East High and the Alaska Injury Prevention Center. Your vote is needed to help the school win a $100,000 grant.

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Upcoming events

Nov 26

Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving holiday. All ASD offices and schools closed Nov. 26-27.

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Nov 27

Thanksgiving holiday

Thanksgiving holiday. All ASD offices and schools closed Nov. 26-27.

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Nov 30

In-person community budget conversation

One of four public meetings ASD will hold where participants will discuss various budget considerations and share their thoughts.

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Dec 1

In-person community budget conversation

One of four public meetings ASD will hold where participants will discuss various budget considerations and share their thoughts.

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Dec 2

Public review of materials for high school chemistry

The public is encouraged to take part in the review process and provide input during open house opportunities.

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MECAC accepting applications for the 2015-16 school year

The superintendent invites parents and community members to apply for appointment to the superintendent's Multicultural Education Concerns Advisory Committee (MECAC) for the 2015-16 school year.


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Destination 2020

Destination 2020's framework for success is built around four strategies: focusing on students, investing in staff, engaging the community and strengthening our services. We are concentrating on these strategies, determining what works well and adjusting our approach to ensure every student achieves at least one year's academic growth each year.


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Welcome to ASD

New to the district? Wondering how to enroll?
Have a child entering kindergarten?

SignpostOur Welcome to ASD section walks you through the process of determining your child's needs, researching your options and how to enroll or register at a school.


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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Lisa Johnson at Tudor Elementary School! Mrs. Johnson has sparked my daughter's desire to learn. She is an excellent teacher and any child will be lucky to have her as a teacher. She goes above and beyond the material to help the kids "get" the concept.

    - Nancy K, parent

  • Quyana to Tina Johnson-Harris at Dimond High School! I would like to thank Mrs. Johnson-Harris for organizing a Thanksgiving Luncheon for the entire staff. This is the second year that our principal has cooked an entire meal for the staff with her team of administrators. The luncheon gives us the chance to spend time with our colleagues, share a meal and just appreciate the good things in life. Mrs. Johnson-Harris started this new tradition and we are lucky to have her a a principal. She genuinely cares for our well-being and I am thankful for having her in our school.

    - Aline Hopkins, staff member

  • Quyana to Dianne Orr, Jennifer Emmal, Shauna Booton, Haylee Donovan and the entire team at Fairview Elementary School! Your exemplary work and timely skilled interventions are making a difference in your students' lives. This is what success looks like. Success is not easy, and your team has gone above and beyond to problem solve and program for individual needs. Thank you for your dedication and persistence, you are an example of what great teaching looks like! 

    - Deb Evensen, FASD/Behavior Consultant

  • Quyana to Nickole Sinisgalli at ASD Ed Center! Recently a group of us put together a French Camp. It could not have happened without the support and hard work of Nickole. She coordinated and organized, purchased and delivered supplies and did so much more behind the scenes work that made the event possible.

    - Nicole Ayers, coworker

  • Quyana to Lisa Pfeifer at Taku Elementary School! A huge thanks to Ms. Lisa Pfeifer! She has spent numerous hours already this year organizing and supervising the Taku Elementary Student Council. This is a huge task since we have not had a student council in many years. Already the Student Council has supported our Title I Literacy Night and our Primary Fall Festival. Thanks for all your time and your willingness to make Taku Elementary a better place.

    - Kelly Ramey, principal

  • Quyana to Jeanine Moorman at Health Services! Jeanine saved an ASD student in foster care from losing her sight in one eye permanently. Nurse Jeanine took advantage of free photoscreening sponsored by a local Lions' Club. The individual conducting the photo screening was emphatic that this particular child be seen by a medical professional immediately. The doctor's prognosis was that had the student not been seen when she was, she would have been permanently blind in one eye. After a minimally invasive treatment of daily eye drops, she is doing well! To have saved a child's eyesight is truly heroic. Nurse Jeanine had nothing to gain by taking advantage of the photoscreening for this student, but in doing so, saved a child's sight.

    - Doniel Wolfe, parent

  • Quyana to Rose Imperial and Pat Blackwater at Transportation! I would like to recognize two wonderful school district employees who go above and beyond in their work. Rose Imperial and Pat Blackwater are two ASD bus drivers who come to Northwood Elementary every day. I have the privilege of meeting their buses and seeing first-hand how they contribute to student learning in addition to making sure students arrive to school safely. Students learn about manners and sharing, and trust that both Rose and Pat truly care about their welfare. Recently I witnessed a student asking for help with her homework as she walked off the bus. Rose took the time to help her with her math problem. These employees are such assets to our district!  

    - Audrey Drew , peer

  • Quyana to Ron Lange at Chugiak High School! The Chugiak football stadium would not run smoothly without an outstanding group of stadium crew members and field manager! Thanks Coach Ronnie. 

    - Chugiak High School football stadium fan, community member

  • Quyana to Kathy Hester at Human Resources! I would like to thank Kathy Hester for being such a pleasant person. She always goes out of her way to assist the substitutes in a positive and kind manner. She is hardworking and always has a smile that shows through on the phone. She makes our day each time we call in. Thank you!

    - Desiree Cronin, substitute

  • Quyana to Kathy Hester at Sub Dispatch! I just want to give a shout out to Kathy in sub dispatch. I know that some mornings for me are crazy trying to find subs to cover all my open jobs, but when I call Sub Dispatch Kathy is always pleasant - even when I can tell it is far crazier in her office than it is in mine. Thank you for helping make my job that much easier. You Rock!

    - Holly Hobby, administrative assistant

  • Quyana to Ron Q. Lange at Chugiak High School! Awesome concert. Some people just care about students and their education more than others. Ron is one of those people. Thank you!

    - Richard Poage, parent

  • Quyana to Corinne McVee at Grants Office! Huge thanks to Corinne McVee for assisting me for more than a week when I was writing a grant proposal. My emails were always answered in a most friendly and helpful way, and she provide valuable feedback and insight into the process, right up until an hour before the deadline on a Friday afternoon! I couldn't have asked her to do anything more, and I definitely appreciated all her help and encouragement.

    - Julie Goolsby, parent and substitute teacher

  • Quyana to Jose Pabon and the BVI team at Blind and Visually Impaired! Jose and his BVI (Blind/Visually Impaired) team are incredible! They are very professional, quick and knowledgable helping to make sure students are successful and teachers feel supported! Amazing!

    - Laura Ann Hulsebus, Special Education teacher

  • Quyana to Yelena Marycheva at Bowman Elementary School ! I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to Yelena Marycheva (when she was at Williwaw) who worked so patiently and with much dedication with my son who has special needs. Her perseverance and consistent teaching expanded my son's academic skills immensely. She kept me updated and was excited to tell me of his progress. She was very creative in her approach which was way beyond what she needed to do. I am so grateful and I am very sure the kids who will come her way will be very lucky to have her! Thank you so much Yelena!

    - Maria Del Rosario, parent

  • Quyana to Marilyn Watts at West High School! Marilyn has taken extra hours this week to make sure that students get their school pictures. With cuts in staff and personnel changes, it wasn't clear that all the pictures could go out in a timely manner. Marilyn decided that she could make a difference, and she did so! Thanks so much for the little things that make school work better.

    - Michele Whaley, teacher

  • Quyana to Deb Dickey and Mary Fier at Airport Heights Elementary! Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Fier are the tireless frontline workers at our school. Everyone who walks into our building goes through Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Fier. Even though they are working through hammering, sawing, beeping and shaking construction noises they still go about their business with amazing care and efficiency. We are all incredibly lucky to have these two hardworking women at the core of our school community. I applaud their efforts to take care of our students, parents and staff!

    - Cheryl Childers, peer

  • Quyana to Ginger Jenkins at Chinook Elementary School! I wanted to recognize Ginger because being on the front line (the Chinook office) can be difficult at times, but Ginger always makes me feel at home when I interact with her. She is always professional, friendly and helpful when I have any questions or need help. Thank you Ginger for everything.

    - Mina Nix, parent

  • Quyana to Kristina Vlahovich at Chinook Elementary School! Ms. Kristy has worked with two of my children through the open optional program at Chinook and I find her to be a caring, encouraging, motivating and well rounded teacher. She is very helpful and informative when it comes to their education. Her lines of commuication as a teacher are outstanding. Her door is always open and so is her heart. Thanks for all you do!

    - Mina Nix, parent

  • Quyana to Nara Carney-Brown at West High Security! Nara Carney-Brown has been working in security at West High only a month now and she is already making a difference. She talks with students before problems get bigger, and she is always out in the halls paying attention to students. She knows how to talk with them and is prompt in responding to teacher requests. A huge Quyana to Ms. Nara!

    - Michele Whaley, teacher

  • Quyana to Nicole Ayers at Chugiak High School! Nicole has been in charge of French camp this year. She took on this impressive job and is doing it beautifully. We are very well organized and students are excited to participate. She is showing amazing leadership skills! 

    - Aline Hopkins, peer

  • Quyana to Julie Jordan at Ravenwood Elementary School! My daughter struggled with math last year so over the summer Julie made sure we had a license to use Mathwhiz and even set up goals with rewards to help encourage that it got used. Julie met up with my daughter for lunch over the summer as the reward and my daughter was through the roof excited for this special one on one time. Julie goes out of her way for all of her students and we are so grateful to have her support. Jaina's outlook on math is so much better this year because of this extra push. Thank you Julie from the Hoff family.

    - Carrie Hoff, parent

  • Quyana to Bryan Ferguson at Maintenance! I'd like to recognize Bryan for fixing my kiln at Alpenglow. Not only did he fix the problem, but upgraded my kiln so that it was more efficient and easier to use. I've seen his work over my 27 years with the district and Bryan always is competent and thorough. We are lucky to have such an asset to ASD! 

    - Robin Murphy, art teacher

  • Quyana to Steven Carroll at Huffman Elementary School! My daughter, who is in Mr. Carroll's 4th grade class, is new to Huffman Elementary (her third elementary school). Mr. Carroll has done an outstanding job at helping my daughter transition and feel welcome at her new school. He has given her classroom responsibilities to include her in classroom activities, which make her feel like an important and active member amongst her classmates. As a result, my daughter is very excited about going to, and being a part of, her new school. He has given me weekly updates on how she is doing and progressing which is very much appreciated! I have visited Mr. Carroll's classroom on a couple of occasions and I am impressed at how wonderful he is at engaging his students to participate and learn.  Thank you Mr. Carroll!

    - Tina Smith, parent

  • Quyana to Melanie Sutton at ASD Ed Center! Many thanks to Melanie Sutton for her countless hours of dedication to promote health and physical education programs within the Anchorage School District, as well as for her ongoing support of and advocacy for all of the health and physical education teachers in ASD!

    - Jenna White, teacher

  • Quyana to Nick Winkler at Dimond High School! I would like to say a big thank you to Coach Winkler and his coaching staff at Dimond H.S. Coach Winkler and his assistants have worked so hard to improve the image of the football program and they deserve a lot of credit. Coach Winkler has been so positive and encouraging of my son and I truly appreciate it. He goes over and above what is required of him and seems to love seeing his players succeed in the classroom and on the field. Thanks, Coach! Keep up the great work!

    - Misti Maisey, parent

  • Quyana to Bill Cotton at Dimond High School! Quyana to Dimond tennis coach Bill Cotton for his upstanding, honorable and great coaching overall! He has been so encouraging with all the tennis kids and just wanting the kids to get to know the sport. He has been extremely understanding and willing to juggle the many different schedules of each player so that they are able to play and enjoy multiple sports representing their school. He is a first class coach. I am happy to have him as a mentor for both my children. A huge thank you to coach Cotton for his time and dedication to the sport and our children.

    - Tricia Carey, parent

  • Quyana to Brad Theisen and the ASD grounds maintenance crew at Chugiak! Brad and his crew provided timely, superb and friendly support for the Eagle River High Ten Year Anniversary Time Capsule project. Their can-do attitude and performance were remarkable, especially considering they executed their tasks with the added challenge of early-season snow and chill temperatures. Arranging utility locates, conferencing on site selection, digging holes, burying capsules and relocating boulders to make a stone-sculpture paw print makes for a tall order, but they came through. No doubt , this crew rocks! 

    - Clinton Holloway, teacher

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