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State of the Schools

July 25, 2014

Superintendent Graff kicks off new year with State of the Schools address.

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Graduation exam law changes

July 18, 2014

Certificate of Achievement graduates may request diplomas.

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Early enrollment event

July 22, 2014

District hosts early enrollment opportunity for new students

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Initiative to boost outcomes

July 22, 2014

Nation's school districts commit to improving educational outcomes for boys and young men of color by implementing a new initiative.

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Students receive National Merit awards

July 14, 2014

Kilian Roberts from Highland Tech Charter School and Samantha Simpson from West High have received National Merit Scholarships.

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Upcoming events

Aug 8

Online registration ends

Online registration for returning students ends

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Aug 13

HUGSS distribution

Distribution of school supplies and coats to parents from low-income households. One day only.

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Aug 14

Teachers' first day

First day of the 2014-15 school year for teachers

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Aug 15

In-service day

State-released professional development day. No school for students.

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Aug 18

In-service day

State-released professional development day. No school for students.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Andre Toliver, Jon Ticket, Derrick Kubosh, & Gretta Ingram at Dimond High School security! A key part of the everyday operations at Dimond that frequently gets overlooked, they are often called upon knowing very little but take care of the situation day in and day out. You can find them at any time of the day and they have smiles on their faces, even after breaking up a fight, or are willing to sing to brighten the mood. To these four thank you. 

    - Anonymous, peer

  • Quyana to David Legg at Chugiak High School! Quyana to David Legg at Chugiak High School! Dr. Legg is tireless at putting the students first and solving problems. When we had some mix-ups at the beginning of the year, he cut through the red tape and obstacles and made sure our son and others in the same position got what they needed. He continues to work hard to make sure they are set for next year, too. He has also been welcoming and open to parental visits and feedback, so we feel involved and listened to. We are lucky to have him as our principal at Chugiak! 

    - Henry & Kathy Huntingtonq, parents

  • Quyana to Afshan Mohammed at Science Department! I would like to recognize Mrs. Mohammed for her time and her love of her job. She has been my son's science teacher for two years and I don't know any other teacher who cares as much as she does. She has taken the time to sit in on all of our meetings for IEP and 504. She was at the parent meetings and always had faith in my son. She gave him confidence and she was a mentor he could go to. Mrs. Mohammed was always available to him  and went beyond to help him understand and do well not just in science but in all areas of life. We just wish there were more teachers like her out there. I appreciate her and all she has done for my son. There is a saying, "That you haven't truly lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."I can say she is truly living everyday and she is teaching her students to do the same. We will miss her next year as we are moving this Summer. Thank you for everything!

    - Sasha Trevino, parent

  • Quyana to Clinton Holloway at Eagle River High School! I would like to say thank you to Mr. Holloway for taking the time to work with my son. He is a great role model for his students. he has taken all this semester to work with my son. He has also always made himself available to meet for our parent meetings and IEP and 504 planning. He has always believed in my son even when my son has given up on himself. We will miss him as we are moving this Summer. Thank you for everything!

    - Sasha Trevino, parent

  • Quyana to Debora Roberts at Music Teacher, Rogers Park Elementary!  Ms. Roberts has infused new energy into the school by encouraging student participation in the fine arts!  Ms. Roberts put an incredible amount of time and attention into the Reflections  Nationwide PTA fine and performing arts contest through Rogers Park School.  Additionally, she successfully conducted Rogers Park's First Annual Talent Show last evening and it was a tremendous success.  Thank you for bettering the lives of Rogers Park students by supporting the fine arts!

    - Sandy Stanek, parent

  • Quyana to Imtiaz Azzam at Dimond High School! My son has just completed his first year of high school at Dimond.  The environment was very different from his previous 8 years in a private school, which left me wondering how the transition and his performance would fair.   Ms. Azzam recognized my son's concerns and immediately took action by first developing a relationship with both him and I.  She took a personal interest in his studies, his well-being and his determination to succeed.  She recognized his frustrations and took him into her "fold" so that by the end of the school year, he was more confident and felt like he had someone special looking out for him.   Ms. Azzam goes above and beyond in her relationships with the freshman house, she was genuinely interested in their success and in making sure that they felt good about themselves.   She is an extremely skilled administrator and communicator, I am so glad that she has graced my son's first year of high school with her presence and kindness.   As he moves on, we hope to continue to have Ms. Azzam as his mentor.   Thank you Ms. Azzam! 

    - Dora, parent

  • Quyana to Lisa Huffman at Sand Lake Elementary! Quyana to Lisa Huffman at Sand Lake Elementary! I am very impressed on how Lisa handled her staff and students this year.  She is very well balanced and genuinely connects with her students as well as their families.  I believe that she is making a positive impact on our future leaders.  Thank you Lisa for going above and beyond. 

    - Melissa Chisham, parent

  • Quyana to Ilsa Andersen at Sand Lake Elementary! Ilsa is a wonderful nurse.  She really helps each student in need and will go through great lengths to connect with parents to make sure their child has the proper forms and medication. I am extremely impressed with her ability to help the students she is always very calm, positive, and knowledgeable in any situation.  Thank you Ilsa for being an awesome nurse!

    - Melissa Chisham, parent

  • Quyana to Angela Blue at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School! I would like to recognize Ms. Blue who clearly goes above and beyond for the students. She insures the safety of all and demonstrates peerless performance! We HAVE to reflect upon the influences for the children. Thank you for all your hard work Ms. Blue!

    - Karen Fairbanks, parent

  • Quyana to Superintendent Ed Graff at Education Center! I just want to share the great impression made by Mr. Graff's participation at the Administrative Advance with the Clark Student Drummers! What a positive on our staff & students. It also shows the commitment to success for all! Thank you for thinking and stepping outside of the traditional "box."

    - Amey Tamagni, administrative assistant, Secondary Special Education

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