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Scholarship semifinalists named

September 10, 2014

National Merit Scholarship Program announces 2015 list of Anchorage semifinalists.

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Video inspires health challenge

September 8, 2014

Gladys Wood Elementary assembly features student video that will kick off state's Healthy Futures Challenge.

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Sixth-grade placement

September 3, 2014

District researching whether elementary or middle schools are best for sixth-graders.

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State of the Schools

July 25, 2014

Superintendent Graff kicks off new year with State of the Schools address.

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Graduation exam law changes

July 18, 2014

Certificate of Achievement graduates may request diplomas.

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Upcoming events

Sep 23

K-8 Parent Math Night

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Oct 17

In-service day, end of first quarter

In-service day, end of first quarter. No school for students

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Oct 22

Parent conference days, Oct. 22-23

Parent conference days Oct. 22-23. School schedules and student-release times vary.

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Oct 23

Parent conference days, Oct. 22-23

Parent conference days Oct. 22-23. School schedules and student-release times vary.

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Oct 24

In-service day

State released professional development day, no school for students

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‌Parent conferences

Student-Led ConferenceParent conferences will be Oct. 22 and 23. Middle school students will have a regular day of class Oct. 23. See the Parent Conference page for dates, times and additional information. 

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Welcome to ASD

‌New to the district? Wondering how to enroll?
Have a child entering kindergarten?

SignpostOur Welcome to ASD section walks you through the process of determining your child's needs, researching your options and how to enroll or register at a school.

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Quyana: An Alaskan Thank You

  • Quyana to Lisa Huffman at Sand Lake Elementary! I am very impressed on how Lisa handled her staff and students this year.  She is very well balanced and genuinely connects with her students as well as their families.  I believe that she is making a positive impact on our future leaders.  Thank you Lisa for going above and beyond. 

    - Melissa Chisham, parent

  • Quyana to Nan Yoon at Human Resources! When I was confused and trying to figure out my retirement benefits, Nan Yoon was patient and warm and took extra time and effort on my behalf.  Quyana for her expertise and conscientiousness and for her caring manner. ¡Gracias! 

    - Kim Amaya, retired teacher

  • Quyana to Drumline members at Clark Middle School! Quyana to Nathan Meeker, Vincent Miller, Zaci Charles, Julion Kerns, Yumeko Ziegler, Nona Buckingham, Julian Baker, Tauga Milo, Summer Kuhns, and Princess Argones. Quyana for your maturity and professionalism displayed at the ASD Administrator's Meeting on July 25th.  Their appearance (formal tuxedoes) and the complexity of the musical presentations were not Middle School but college level.  The enthusiastic response of the audience and the sterling accolades in the ADN Dispatch the next day validate my opinion and attest to the fact that every compliment these students received was well deserved.

    - Carol L. Smith, school business partner

  • Quyana to Natalie Washington and Wendy Hawn at Taku Elementary! A huge thank you to Nat Washington and Wendy Hawn for assisting with re-creating our Master Schedule.  Your hard work and dedication to Taku Elementary is appreciated.

    - Kelly Ramey, principal

  • Quyana to Linda Jobe and Carla Hart at Taku Elementary! A big thank you to Linda Jobe and Carla Hart, the office staff at Taku Elementary!!!!  Your caring attitude  and your willingness to drop everything and  help our families and staff makes our school an amazing place to be. 

    - Kelly Ramey, principal

  • Quyana to Cessilye Williams at Clark Middle School! We appreciate the work that Principal Williams of Clark Middle School, along with her teachers and students, has done for the Mountain View neighborhood. This year, Clark shop and art class students cut and painted beautiful wooden figures that are now attached to the fence at the Bragaw community gardens. From neighbors and gardeners in northeast Anchorage: thank you!

    - Radhika Krishna, Community Member

  • Quyana to Patrick Wisniewski at Information Technology! I'm sending a Quyana to Patrick Wisniewski, who repaired my school laptop on the day before teachers returned to work. I know it was a busy time for Information Technology, but he did the job quickly. As a result, I was able to fully utilize my in-service days to prepare for the beginning of our school year. Thank you!

    - Rebecca Norsworthy, English teacher, Dimond High School

  • Quyana to Pamela Orme, Cynthia Franklin and all Members of the LRE Board at Social Studies! Quyana to Pamela Orme, Cynthia Franklin, and all the Members of the LRE Board who worked so hard to put on a fantastic Social Studies Inservice Friday August 15th.  Bill McBride is always such a motivational speaker, and the afternoon field trip I took to tour the jail court with Cynthia Franklin gave me some very good ideas to incorporate in my Constitution lessons. I am sure all the hard work put in to organize these afternoon field trips is appreciated by the Social Studies teachers in our District.

    - Susan Malecha, Teacher

  • Quyana to Kim Bautista and Claire DeSaussure at Susitna Elementary School! The first day back to work I fell and  fractured my wrist. It was late in the evening and fortunately for me, Kim was still hard at work. When she saw the deformity, she went into action immediately, got ice for the swelling, and drove me to Providence. She kept me laughing all the way over and had the doctors laughing until I went back to the O.R. Kim stayed with me until after 9:30 that evening. The Susitna staff were just as concerned when they heard about my accident. Claire DeSaussure even brought dinner to me following my discharge. Thank you all at Susitna for making what could have been a very dismal experience a very touching one instead. 

    - Anne McCarron, staff member

  • Quyana to TECH Check Team C at IT! I would like to give a big thank you to the Tech Check Team C that visited our school on the 19th to get the staff up and running.  They did an amazing job and were extremely professional.

    - Kelly Ramey, Principal

  • Quyana to Staff at Bayshore Elementary School! A big shout out to Robin Wold, Carol Woods, Laura Nevada, Nadine Heikkila, Terrill Sullivan and Doug Williams for the time they vested in Bayshore Elementary even before their contracted school year began.   These professional educators assisted with registration, scheduling, assessing new students and in helping the office staff make preparations for our students to return to school.  They volunteered their time and expertise and it was very appreciated.  We are fortunate to have some caring and committed educators at Bayshore. 

    - Heidi Packer, Principal

  • Quyana to nurses at health services! I want to say thank you/Quyana to the wonderful nurses at ASD Health Services.  I sent them a massive amount of health related paperwork that needed to be entered into Zangle right away.  I needed their assistance due to the large amount of health paperwork that is generated at the high school level.  In addition, I was experiencing significant hand numbness which hampered my own ability for data entry.  Their willingness and their timeliness was exceptional.  They really helped me out!

    - Stephanie Wilhelm, Bartlett High, peer

  • Quyana to Bryan Stenhejem, Tony Moore, Brandon Kennedy at grounds crew/facility maitenance! Many thanks to the grounds crew that worked on the Kincaid Garden Project this summer.Particular thanks to Tony Moore, Brandon Kennedy and Bryan Stenhejem. These guys are passionate about their jobs and take great pride in their work. The garden project is a great asset to the Kincaid community! 

    - Judy Campbell, teacher/grandparent community member

  • Quyana to Anya Kean at Librarian at Rabbit Creek Elementary ! A huge thanks to Anya for innovative library lessons for our LifeSkills students! She truly thinks outside the box in order to connect the lessons for the students. Each week she offers a hands-on small building project, first reading stories about the correlating topic (i.e. build a birdhouse, truck, boat, etc) The kids love it and look forward to library. Last spring she had them starting bulbs and consequently we had beautiful flower beds through to this fall! Thank you Anya Kean! 

    - Patricia Giralt, LifeSkills TA

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