Confidentiality of library records

Alaska Statute 40.25.140 addresses the confidentiality of library records:


(a) Except as provided in (b) of this section, the names, addresses, or other personal identifying information of people who have used materials made available to the public by a library shall be kept confidential, except upon court order, and are not subject to inspection under AS 40.25.110 or 40.25.120. This section applies to libraries operated by the state, a municipality, or a public school, including the University of Alaska.


(b) Records of a public elementary or secondary school library identifying a minor child shall be made available on request to a parent or guardian of that child.


Librarians In practice this means that overdue notices are folded and taped to preserve student confidentiality showing only the student name so the notice can be delivered to the correct student.


Teachers can be given a list of students with overdue books as long as the title(s) are not included on the list.


Students wishing to know which book they have overdue will need to contact the librarian or log onto their account in the Library Catalog.


When students have been charged for a lost book the name of that book is attached to the fine record but is to be kept in confidence as any other confidential student information is.


We do not have the ability to provide a list of books that a child has checked out in the past at ASD. Requests for such information from parents, legal guardians or by court order are handled by our vendor and will take time to process.

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