Consider your child and your family

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Finding the right school for your family starts with thinking about what your child’s needs are. Every parent wants a good education for their child, but what kind of environment is the right fit? The Anchorage School District has over 130 different schools and programs so you'll want to give some thought to questions that can help determine what’s important to you.


Some questions are easy to answer – is your child at the age where he’s just entering school so you need to learn about the options for preschool or requirements for entering kindergarten?


Other questions are harder to answer - does your child learn better in a more structured environment? Or would a more open and more flexible structure be a better fit for her?


What's right for your child?

Below are some resources that can help you get started. Take notes and jot down your thoughts as you consider the questions. Then when you research your options you'll have a good idea of what you want a school to do for your child and what to ask of the school.


Instructional Support programs

The district has a variety of support programs that ensure all students have equal access to learning opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, language, abilities or disabilities, or socio-economic status. Below are links to programs that you may want to explore based on your family's needs:


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