Using Resources Effectively and Responsibly


September 8, 2017


Cindy Mans, Teacher/Librarian at Inlet View Elementary shared, “During the weekly library class, Inlet View 4th and 5th grade students navigated ASD’s online catalogs.” Providing access to materials in multiple formats maximizes opportunities for students. An added feature now, explained Ms. Mans, “Students were using Chromebooks purchased by the Inlet View PTA.” Learning to use resources effectively and responsibly are goals for ASD students.


After being introduced to ASD's online catalog during library class, a new-to-district student came back to the library the next day to share.


"Last night I was looking at the catalog from my home and I found a book that I want to check out. It said that it was not available. Can you please show me how to put a hold on it?"  


"I loved how she used her newly gained knowledge to move to the next step." said Mans. "I told her that learning how to place holds was exactly what she would be learning in library class next week. Together we put the book on hold and she can't wait for her next library class."

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