AEA & ASD Evaluation Support Coach Program

Educators Working With Educators


If you have been evaluated and are on a Plan for Professional Growth or a Plan of Improvement you can request assistance through this program


The purpose of the Evaluation Support Coach Program is to provide free guidance, resources and information to those who need assistance in meeting the State and District evaluation criteria.  A trained Support Coach will meet one-on-one with the educator to work towards meeting the areas indicated on the Plan for Professional Growth or the Plan of Improvement.  The educator requesting assistance is ultimately responsible for meeting the expectations of the evaluation plan. 


This type of Coach is specifically trained to work with educators who are on Evaluation Plans.  Mentors and building Instructional Coaches are different positions and are not trained in this capacity.


Program Requirements

  • The educator must participate voluntarily.
  • The educator must be on Professional Growth Plan or a Plan of Improvement.
  • The educator must have a desire to work with a Coach and be open to guidance.
  • The educator must be willing to sign the Evaluation Support Coach Contract.
  • Coaches are not allowed to evaluate educators or provide any information to the educator’s supervisor.
  • Coaches will not be asked to report to the District or the AEA regarding the performance/progress of the educator or be called as a witness in proceedings related to the discipline or non-retention of the educator.


Why should I participate?

The Evaluation Support Coach Program:

  • focuses on strategies to improve educator performance.
  • encourages you to take active role in your professional development.
  • provides a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • fosters collegial interaction.
  • provides leave time to observe other colleagues.
  • is strongly encouraged by the AEA and the ASD as a means to assist educators in meeting the State and District Teaching Standards.
  • This program meets all contractual and legal requirements.


The Evaluation Suuport Coach Relationship is:

  • confidential.   
  • trusting.
  • purposeful and productive.
  • informative and resourceful.
  • standards/goal oriented.
  • professional and respectful.


This program is funded through the AEA/ASD Negotiated Bargained Agreement and is managed by the AEA Evaluation Committee.  If you are interested in requesting an Evaluation Support Coach please contact Erin Donohue Boyer or the Anchorage Education Association (AEA) Office at 274-0536. It is in your best interest to request a Coach as soon as possible.



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