The ASD Professional Learning Department has purchased and is exploring the use of Swivl technology to improve the process of individual and collaborative reflection on classroom teaching practices.   Swivl is a collaboration platform that leverages individualized classroom observations technology to create great opportunities for teacher self reflection and collaboration to refine teaching practices.


To learn more about Swivl technology, check out their website.
For more information about ASD use, contact John Trampush


To check out the ASD-PLD Swivl unit to try it, view the calendar below to verify that it is available on the date(s) you want, then fill out this Google Form.  You will then be contacted by PLD with further information...


How Swivl Can Help 

Make Self Reflection Relevant

  • Deepens teacher’s understanding of their students, not just themselves.

Leverage Collective Insight

  • Use teams to dialogue about observations to derive improved insights.

Improve Preparation

  • Connect lesson planning collaboration to observation insights to sharpen lesson plans.

Make Coaching Work

  • Mentors and administrators can focus on applied feedback, not just best practices.


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