SEL Standards

I now have tools to build a community in the classroom and the incentive to examine my own SEL skills."

– A teacher's comment about
the SEL standards

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The K-12 Social & Emotional Standards were developed to create a common language, vocabulary and definition for SEL in the Anchorage School District in order to define the skills students need for success in life.


SEL is a researched and proven way to support the goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan. The 15 SEL standards support skill development in the four core competencies of emotional intelligence:


  • self-awareness
  • self-management
  • social awareness
  • social management


Implementing the standards

The SEL team focuses on designing and facilitating professional development for educators that emphasizes how the standards are used at the school level in order to challenge the belief that SEL is one more add-on or just “playing games with students.”


To show that SEL facilitates academic success, the process began by familiarizing educators with the standards and linking all content and material to them. Posters of the standards are on display in every school and are shared during presentations and training sessions. The team also consistently models how to use the standards throughout their professional development.


Now SEL standards are visible in classrooms and both teachers and students refer to them in the same way they talk about math or science skills. They are seen as a concrete set of skills necessary in any learning environment.


Standards crosswalks

The ASD K-12 Social & Emotional Learning Standards have been aligned with the following curriculum:




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