Quyana to Mrs. Johnson-Harris and Mr. Caldarera at Dimond High School

I'd like to thank Mrs. Johnson-Harris and Mr. Caldarera for the time both have taken to ensure outstanding education and love to our children. Both have such a heavy duty to be sure all students are safe and that the best efforts for education are given. Both are very kind and professional and go out of their way to not only care for their students, but also care for the family as well. Thank you both for your commitment to loving our kids. 

- Gina Graves, parent

Quyana to Katie Swanson at Dimond High School

Thank you Miss Swanson, for being such a wonderful teacher to both of our girls. It's awesome to see them enjoy school. They say you make learning fun and they talk so highly of you! It's great to hear them talk about what they've done in class. 

- Gina Graves, parent

Quyana to David Christal at Klatt Elementary

David Christal is a dynamic, passionate building administrator. It is very apparent that he is a forever learner. Dedicated to the success of his team and the students at his building, he continues to go above and beyond investing his personal time and energy to refine his understanding of special education. 

- Shawn Bernard, Assistant Director of Elementary Special Education

Quyana to J.R.O.T.C at Service High School

I would like to thank the Service High School J.R.O.T.C. for providing child care services for the Taku Elementary Inservice Day on November 10, 2017. The students/cadets provided daycare services to community members so they could attend a wonderful training. Thanks for a job well done! 

- Kelly Ramey, principal

Quyana to Mechanical at Maintenance Department

The mechanical division of the Maintenance Department deserves a kudos to their quick response to a work order. Their responsiveness to and hard work helped Clark Middle School to get their first volleyball game of the season off without a hitch.

- Clark Middle School, administrator

Quyana to Cody Bryant at Maintenance Department

Cody Bryant from the maintenance department was very responsive when Clark Middle School needed assistance with a fire alarm reset late in the day on Monday. Cody, and the entire maintenance deserves a kudos for their hard work.

- Clark Middle School, admin

Quyana to Kara Eddy and Rachel Stumpf at Taku Elementary

I would like to give Mrs. Kara Eddy and Ms. Rachel Stumpf, the Taku 5th grade team, for presenting at our staff meeting. This team truly takes the lead in teaching their students about technology and presented what they do in their classrooms with Plickers, ClassDojo, and Google Classroom. What they do with technology increases student engagement, helps build a strong home school communication bond, and begins to prepare students for a world full of technology.

- Kelly Ramey, principal

Quyana to Linda Sinclair and Ashley Sapp at Taku Elementary

A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Linda Sinclair, Ms. Ashley Sapp, and our School Business Partner, the McKinley Lion's Club, for completing over 300 photo screening exams for our students at Taku Elementary on Monday November 6, 2017.

- Kelly Ramey, principal

Quyana to Ava Goodman at Willow Crest Elementary

I really appreciate Miss Ava's capacity. She is very intelligent and competent. She is a ninja and a half. I'm relieved of my worries about leaving my kids away from me, knowing that she is there. Thank you for being awesome.

- Stacie Khan, parent

Quyana to Astrid Gomez at Mountain View 21st CCLC

On October 31st, Astrid's second day of work as a Teen Assistant at MV's 21st CCLC, she generously brought in snacks for each student in our after-school program. She enjoyed delivering them to every class, giving her an opportunity to meet each student in our program. What a thoughtful, generous gesture on Astrid's part. 

- Amy Tribbett, supervisor

Quyana to Beverly Hardesty and Kit Greene at Taku Elementary

A big thank you to Beverly Hardesty and Kit Greene for organizing a wonderful Blanket and Books Literacy Night at Taku Elementary. This very successful event brought the love of books and reading to numerous students, parents, and community members.

- Kelly Ramey, principal

Quyana to Jon Wegner at IT Service Desk

The Assistive Technology Department would like to send a colossal Quyana to Jon Wegner in IT at the ASD Education Center. None of us can adequately express how much we appreciate his expertise, dedication and collaborative spirit in assisting A.T. to streamline and simplify our work flow. Jon's willingness to partner with A.T. and bring his unique and applicable IT genius to our discussions has made a world of difference in our ability to bring much needed support to school teams and to the most important people in those schools: the students.

- Paula Bryner, peer

Quyana to Teachers and teacher assistants at Elementary schools

Thank you for all advice and assistance I received over the past 10 years as a substitute teacher's assistant. Moved to Arizona in May and I miss everyone -- teachers, TAs, and especially all the children who I helped with their schoolwork during the time I was employed at ASD. Thank you, everyone.

- Kenneth Zirkle, former substitute teacher assistant

Quyana to Jody Bailey at Human Resources

Quyana to Jody Bailey for her excellence in customer service. Jody does a wonderful job in training and assisting new substitutes. Her kind, patient, and caring interactions are truly appreciated.

- Marie Ochadleus, peer

Quyana to Jeff and Vang at Maintenance

Vang and Jeff came to Bowman to create a new outdoor art display. They dug a "river" for the 600 rock fish each of our students created. It looks outstanding! Thank you Jeff and Vang for your hard work!

- Shannon Brodie, librarian

Quyana to Lauren Ewing at Begich Middle School

Thank you for always being aware when my kiddo is not there and sending her homework home! Thank you for caring! Thank you for always being willing to listen to a workshop and find something to try! You are a master teacher and yet you are always willing to learn, grow, and implement something new. There are far too few teachers like you around, and I am forever grateful that you are my children's teacher!

- Jillian Gates, parent

Quyana to Antara Brewer at Dimond High

Hats off to Club Sponsor, Ms. Antara Brewer for helping start the Women of Dimond Club! Promoting the next generation of empowered women leaders in our community!

- Laura Bruce, parent

Quyana to Jerry and Ben at Paint Shop

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Jerry and Ben at the paint shop. They are swamped with the amount of work orders for ASD and now the Municipality and still find time to help with the little jobs. Thank you both for making my day!

- Megan Hatswell, principal

Quyana to Joyce Schnese at Records Management

Everyone at Records Management is super helpful and friendly. They always go out of their way to be helpful and kind (and funny). Joyce made my heart sing today with her kindness and humor. Thank you for being a joy in a day of stress that comes from working in a middle school front office!  You are appreciated.

- Sylvia Biondich, peer

Quyana to Lula Canty at Wonder Park Elementary

A huge shout out to Lula Canty, a 3rd grade teacher at Wonder Park Elementary. Although teachers change children's lives daily, Lula has "opened" the ears of a student who wears hearing aids by diligently utilizing an FM system daily. When the student first heard it in use, he had the biggest smile and said "I can hear her like she's in my head!" Thank you Lula, you are very appreciated.

- Deborah Bevier, Speech Language Pathologist

Quyana to Charles Moore, Heather Philip, Dan Merrigan and Warren Ulrich at Transportation

We in special education appreciate the dedication and collaborative spirit of the ASD transportation department. Overall organization, planning, and professional development, along with relationship building, are key to the success of our students having a "good ride." The beginning of the year training for all drivers and attendants set a good foundation for continued professional development opportunities. Thank you, transportation, for all you do!

- Lori Rucksdashel, Shawn Bernard, and Alison Schmuckak, Elementary Special Education

Quyana to Bart Kendall at ASD Warehouse

Once again, the support of the ASD Warehouse, specifically Bart Kendall, has helped facilitate a successful districtwide food drive to benefit the Food Bank of Alaska. Bart and his team go above and beyond to collect massive food donations from schools and deliver it directly to the Food Bank. This year alone, they collected and moved more than 10,000 lbs of donated food collected by our students! This will make a big impact in our community. 

- Heather Marron, Peer

Quyana to Student body and staff at Dimond High School

Over the years and just recently, I have been pleasantly surprised by the politeness and manners of the students at Dimond High School. 


Each and every time I have gone to DHS to visit other staff or watch a sporting event, I was greeted with a smile and offered assistance by students.  They welcomed me to their school and happily directed me to the person/place I was headed.


Just this week while attending a volleyball game at South, I was walking into the school with four DHS students.  One walked quickly ahead of me and held the first door, then I overheard him say to his friend, "Hey, get the other door."


Their actions were simple, but memorable.  As a teacher, I taught my students that character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you.  It is obvious that at DHS, having good character is important and not only is it being expected, but also taught and practiced enough so that a visitor like me is witness to it randomly over the years.  So, thank you to all who make this happen at Dimond.  I am looking forward to my next visit already. Nice job!

- Jeri Pickerel, Retired ASD Teacher

Quyana to Liana Perez, Jill Abrams, and Sandra Charlestream at Tudor Elementary and Scenic Park Elementary

Liana, Jill, and Sandra have gone above and beyond to lend curriculum and materials to special education teachers in the district who are in need of these items. They all have a kind heart and generous souls. I appreciate their willingness to share the wealth and support their colleagues.

- Kari Pool, Special Education Department Chair

Quyana to Josh Phares at Information Technology

Josh is always happy to help. He and the IT imaging team invested themselves into making Read and Write for Google Chrome a successful rollout to all students and staff this August. His willingness to bring folks who can help into the conversation was reassuring and contributed to "Read and Write for Google Chrome" being "live" and functioning for all students.

- Lance Smith, Assistive Technology Teacher

Quyana to Christine Dennis, Allison Showers-Chlup, Tanya Young, Kathy Everett, Carol Tucker, and Bobbi Lafferty at Professional Learning and Curriculum and Instruction

Thank you elementary MTSS support team for your growth mindset and dedication to providing high quality professional learning in ELA and instructional coaching. You are paving the way with new and improved PD for teachers, which will benefit our students. I value and appreciate each one of you!

- Jennifer Knutson, supervisor

Quyana to Jennifer Knutson, John Trampush, Mike Fleckenstein, Lucy Corbridge at Anchorage School District

Thanks to this team we have all of our on-line mandatory trainings captioned in a cost effective and timely manner. Thanks to this team's dedication and hard work we have saved thousands of dollars for annual mandatory trainings. This kind of mindfulness has equalized the playing field for many staff members to participate without frustration.  Thanks to them for making a difference in ASD!

- Ann Curry, Director Alaska State School for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Quyana to Jennifer Emmal, Kari Pool, Jennifer Grzegorczyk, Jason Stahl, Nicole Moyer, and Butch Aikey at Special Education Department

Jennifer Emmal, Kari Pool, Jennifer Grzegorczyk, Jason Stahl, Nicole Moyer, and Butch Aikey stepped up to the plate to train several principals in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, to continue to keep our students safe in our schools. Way to take the risk to train such a knowledgable group!

- Shawn Bernart, assistant director of Special Education

Quyana to Pam Butcher at Publications Services

Pam was extremely helpful when I came to her with an impromptu project. Pam has shown that she is more than willing to support district initiatives by supporting new positions within the district. Pam is an outstanding representation of collaboration across departments. Quyana, Pam!

- Michele Ming, instructional coach

Quyana to Chris Higgins at Dimond High School

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Higgins for helping us once again navigate the scheduling process this year and for always being willing to help our kids out. He has been a valuable resource for us for several years now and we can't thank him enough!

- Misti Maisey, parent

Quyana to Pete Mandel at Dimond High School

I would like to say thank you to Mr. Mandel. He hasn't necessarily been assigned to our family as the kids' counselor, however, he's always been willing to step in and help when we needed it.  We appreciate him and all of the fabulous staff at Dimond High School

- Misti Maisey , parent

Quyana to Denise DeVille Doherty at Dimond High School

I would like to thank Ms. Denise DeVille Doherty for being such a welcoming presence at Dimond High School. She was a great help during registration and kept a smile on her face even though I'm sure she was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that she has to get done during this busy time. Thank you! 

- Misti Maisey, parent

Quyana to Denise Brakora at Begich Middle School

I remember when I wasn't feeling very well and I went to the nurse. Nurse Denise was very helpful, calm, and caring. Thank you Nurse Denise for helping me with my fever! 

- Lillian Jones , student

Quyana to Mike and Dakota at Maintenance

Mike and Dakota did an amazing job getting our offices painted. This is a very busy time of year, as everyone wants everything done yesterday. Even in those circumstances, they were very caring, patient, understanding and got the job done in a very timely manner. They were professional and took care of everything. It was a pleasure to be able to have them come and work at Kasuun.

Many thanks for your wonderful work!

- Anita Stevens, Kasuun principal

Quyana to Lola Long at Human Resources

It was a pleasure to be greeted by Lola when I dropped off paperwork at the Human Resources desk. She was pleasant, friendly and efficient. She made me feel welcome. 

- Lisa Hanson, employee

Quyana to Cris, Evan, Heather, Charls & Tim at IT Helpdesk

Many thanks to the IT Help Desk staff! They're always professional, prompt, courteous, and helpful whenever I've phoned for help resolving tech problems in my classroom or on my ASD computers. IT's customer service is consistently excellent! I truly appreciate all you do to support school-based staff

- Vicki Ross, teacher

Quyana to LouAnn Clark at Alpenglow Elementary School

A heartfelt thanks goes to Mrs. LouAnn Clark.  Her teaching  inspired my son and gave him new confidence in his abilities.  Although it has been several years since he left her classroom he still raves about her and her concern for his wellbeing is undiminished.  We are very grateful for her!

- Laura Fenoseff, Parent and peer

Quyana to Hasaan Herrington and the IT helpdesk at Information Technology

Hasaan, the IT department, and IT helpdesk have been amazing.  They have been so responsive this year.  IT has been more efficient than ever.  Huffman will be under construction again this summer and Hasaan and the IT department have been incredibly supportive.  Thank you! 

- Chris Opitz, Principal at Huffman Elementary

Quyana to Michel Woods at Abbott Loop Elementary

By the end of this school year, I'd have completed 16 years with ASD. In all these years, I've not met or experienced a peer who understands as much as Woods does that it takes a village to make things happen. Mr. Woods organizes and executes plans that motivate and lift students' and teachers' spirits. He is a positive individual who uplifts both students and staff's moral and spirits naturally and positively. I'm thankful and grateful to be a part of the Abbott Loop community.

- Hamimah Bjorkman, Peer

Quyana to Diane Johannes at Homestead elementary

There are many people I can thank at this school because they are all amazing but Mrs. Johannes went above and beyond for my little boy. She is one amazing teacher and I am so thankful that my son was able to be in her class this year. She loves her students and cares for them like they were her own. She worked so hard along with the other staff at Homestead to help my son this year and without her dedication he would not have made the leaps and bounds he did. She always has a smile on her face and is so sweet and caring to not just her students but all the students. I really just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and let her and everyone know what an amazing woman she is. She will forever hold a special place in my heart.

- Venessa Brazfield, parent

Quyana to Nick Leiser at Trailside Elementary

Nick Leiser is a PE teacher that goes above and beyond in daily activities that enhance the the lives of Trailside students.  He works on before-and-after school extra curricular activities for children throughout the entire school year.  Nick also is a contributing member of the successful community events, Hit the Trails 5K and the Trailside Kids Triathlon.  Furthermore, he is an important staff member for the memory making 5th & 6th grade camps.  Nick, unselfishly, gives of himself to make Trailside the great school it is.  Thank you Nick!  Trailside Parents and the PTA appreciate everything you do. 

- Trailside PTA , Co-Worker

Quyana to Denise Carpentier and Mt. Illiamna Staff at Mt. Illiamna

I am so grateful to all of the work that the staff at Mt. Illiamna has done for my son. They have shown love and dedication to the students and families that they work with. The recent graduation for the students at this school was just one example of this, as each student was recognized for their strengths. Our community is fortunate to have such a compassionate group of people in our school district. 

- Elizabeth Barnes, Parent

Quyana to Alice Metz at Tudor Elementary, Indian Education

Thank you Mrs. Metz for your support of all the students in my classroom and for your efforts to personally assist the Alaska Native students beyond our scheduled time together.  You have an amazing way of communicating with parents and students and your gentle kind ways are reflected in the relationships you created with the students, their parents and colleagues.  I value your expertise and your cultural perspective. Quyana! Thank you Mrs. Metz for your support of all the students in my classroom and for your efforts to personally assist the Alaska Native students beyond our scheduled time together.  You have an amazing way of communicating with parents and students and your gentle kind ways are reflected in the relationships you created with the students, their parents and colleagues.  I value your expertise and your cultural perspective. Quyana! 

- Lisa Johnson, Peer

Quyana to Staci Seagle at Northern Lights ABC School

I have seen Staci care for and help hurt and sick children in our school;  she is very competent and has a caring heart.  Thank you Staci.

- Andi Kelly , Peer and parent

Quyana to Debbie Clayton at Abbott Loop Elementary

D. Clayton is motivated, positive, and a go-getter. Because of Clayton's contribution in services in community events, Abbott Loop's  students, parents, and staff are bonding as a community. Clayton organized Health Fair, co-ordinated field trip involving 3 other classes, and put together retirement event for a colleague. Clayton's positive attitude and demeanor makes Abbott Loop a positive environment to work in, and most importantly, parents feel welcome at Abbott Loop.

- Hamimah Bjorkman, peer

Quyana to Kaitlynn Lenoir at Homestead

I would like to acknowledge your wonderful contributions, hard work, devotion to students in the Student Leadership Council! You have done amazing things in our building this year with 4-6th grade students.  You have spearheaded the idea of CHARACTER in thes students this year and want you to know you are our hero.  You have exceeded the expectation of a teacher.  Many thanks!

- Barb Boyer, TA at Homestead

Quyana to Sandy Traini at Special Education,Ptarmigan Elmentary

Sandy Traini has been a wonderful colleague and supportive to my students.  She is kind, professionals, and puts kids first.  It has been a pleasure to work with her.

- Bethany Dunlap, Peer

Quyana to Mindy Galyon at ASD Audiology

We are so thankful for people in our community like Mindy Galyon, ASD Audiologist, who went above and beyond to get a hearing aid turned into our school reunited with the adult owner. Thanks to Mindy one of our students had a well supported adjustment to hearing aids.  She was also instrumental in increasing understanding and awareness of hearing concerns with our students. 

- Julie L Becker, School Nurse

Quyana to Christian Caldarera at Dimond High School

Mr. Caldarera is outstanding in providing support to his students and parents. No matter what, he always comes to a resolution in a kind, caring, professional and safe way, for everyone. Thank you, Mr. C, for taking time to care for the students who admire you so much. 

- The Graves Family - Gina Graves, Student and parents

Quyana to Meghan McManamin, Sophie Linneman-Bethke, Emyrose Delmendo, Jeri Ann Tomter at ASD Ed Center

! These amazing members of the ASD team made my military leave and my return from leave as easy as possible. Everything they did was prompt and professional. We are in great hands with this team. Thank you. 

- Mike Risinger, Teacher

Quyana to Todd Sullivan at Special Education Technology

Todd Sullivan has always been professional, helpful, considerate and personable when helping our department with our many computer problems. His positive attitude and eagerness to help is always appreciated and accompanied with a smile. Oh and did we mention that he's the Best I.T. guy EVER!

- The Special Education Records Ladies, peers

Quyana to Melissa Timberlake at Eagle Academy Charter School

Mrs. Timberlake is amazing. Her patience, kindness and gentleness are way beyond what I can even describe but if you have spent even a short time in her classroom you totally know what I'm talking about. I want to thank her for doing such an amazing job with this group of kids this year and teaching and guiding them through some great projects that James is still talking about at home. She has been a wonderful and positive influence for him, thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Barb Krafft, parent

Quyana to West High Counselors at West High at West High Counselors

Thank you to the West High Counselors for two recent events. First, many thanks for bringing Willie Hensley to our school. I am so happy when Alaska Native culture is brought to our kids in a meaningful way. Mr. Hensley is a wonderful role model for all of our students. Thank you for making that happen and I urge to you to bring more Alaska Native culture/history into our school. Second, many thanks for the Planned Parenthood workshop regarding "how to talk with your teen about sex." It was a wonderful presentation, it gave me lots of good ideas and I am more relaxed about approaching this subject because of it. So, many thanks for making a difference! And have a great summer!

- Robin Wittrock, parent

Quyana to Mrs. Oliver at Willow Crest Elementary

I had to take some time to realize exactly why I appreciate Mrs. Oliver so much. I thought of all the benefits my son received while being her student. He's learned, matured, and developed a lot. But really that's what all teachers do.


What makes Mrs. Oliver different is that she is also kind and understanding. My son can be, and has been, difficult. I've had a good share of intolerant teachers who were quick to give up. I never felt unwelcome in Mrs. Oliver's classroom. I wish all people would be like her because she's awesome.

- Stacie Khan, parent

Quyana to Melissa Parker at Dimond High School

As busy as her office is, she is always pleasant and professional.

- G Nishimoto, parent

Quyana to Mr. Meinen, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Jones and Ms. Palmer at Romig Middle School

Thank you for being incredible coaches for Romig and taking time out of your day to help us improve as athletes and as teammates. Your support is much appreciated. Thank You!

- A grateful student, student

Quyana to Annie Donaldson, Paula Bryner and Megan Humphrey at Assistive Technology

I wish to send the warmest of Quyanas to the Assistive Technology Department especially to Annie Donaldson, Paula Bryner, and Megan Humphrey. They are an amazing group of professionals that are extremely knowledgeable. Their support and equipment has really made a difference in my students' education. They are a vital part of our school district and their work is incredibly valuable! 

- Melissa Chisham, Special Education teacher

Quyana to Regina Pierce at West Anchorage High School

In her first year as a School Nurse at West Anchorage HS, Nurse Regina Pierce responded to a medical emergency in her building. Nurse Regina Pierce provided CPR and used the school's AED to save the life of the BPO. Thus the invaluable service our ASD nurses provide to students and staff! I am proud to be Ms. Pierce's peer and mentor.

- Panna Jarussi, RNC, NBCSN LNC, peer mentor

Quyana to Nurse Panna at Service High School

Nurse Panna is an outstanding advocate for the students that she serves at Service High School. Thank you Panna for caring for all of my children during the last eight years that my children attended Service High. You are very much appreciated!

- Wendy Zorea, parent

Quyana to Danielle Dalton at Service High School

Danielle Dalton has been a wonderful support for my child as he completed his senior year at Service High. During his last semester she encouraged him and guided him to prepare for college. She gave of her time to proctor tests for courses he took online. Ms. Dalton is kind and understanding. She takes the time to listen to students and encourages them to do what it takes to reach their goals in life. 

- Wendy Zorea, parent

Quyana to Amy Wolfe at Susitna Elementary

I love calling Susitna at this time of year as I try to unravel information about incoming students because Amy is always happy, pleasant and eager to answer my questions. I appreciate her ability to stay calm, cool and collected when we are on the phone and she has small students asking her seemingly random questions. Amy is a great ambassador for Susitna.

- Sylvia Biondich, peer

Quyana to Colin Hawkins at Inlet View Elementary

Every year during our PTA-sponsored bookfair, Colin arrives at Inlet View Elementary early Saturday morning, loads all of our xylophones and a LOT of other musical instruments into his van, and takes them to Barnes & Noble Bookstore. He often volunteers at one of the tables, and at 4:00 helps load everything back into his van, takes everything back to the school and helps put it all back into the music room. He volunteers to run the popcorn machine at our movie nights, and cleans the sticky gym floor when it's over. Thank you, Colin. Your willingness to volunteer your personal time and energy at Inlet View so our students can enjoy extracurricular events is very much appreciated!

- Kathy Mobley , music teacher

Quyana to Staff at IT department

I would like to say a huge "thank you" to all of the people in the technology department. Whenever I have to call to ask a question about a problem I am having with my technology, they are always very polite, patient and helpful. I am continually impressed by how quickly the technician can solve my problem. Thank you very much for all you do!

- Cynthia Walsh, teacher

Quyana to Tonya Quiett at Romig Middle School

Tonya is an amazing resource for her fellow middle school registrars. She is a great problem solver and has an infectious laugh that makes problems or difficulties melt away. I am fortunate to have Tonya as a resource and colleague.

- Sylvia Biondich, peer

Quyana to Lisa Johnson at Tudor Elementary

Mrs. Johnson and I met last summer at a conference. We realized we both were 5th grade teachers and decided to link our classrooms. Wow! My 5th graders have learned so much history through this project. Mrs. Johnson sent all kinds of books, Alaskan magazines, Iditarod materials, and so many other things too numerous to mention. It was so neat to run our Iditarod simulation then follow the actual race and watch Mitch Seavy win! My students now want to go to Alaska. Now, Alaska is more to them than just a state name. Through letters and skyping, our students met face to face and had so many questions answered. Because her students wrote in cursive, it caused my students to try harder and improve in their writing both cursive and sentence structure in general. I'm so glad we entered into this venture together. My students will always remember it. You have a master teacher in Mrs. Johnson. Your school district is very fortunate to have a teacher who is willing to incorporate core content into a big project like ours. It took a lot a time and effort. Thank you, Mrs Johnson!

- Heather Brumley, pen pal teacher from Kentucky

Quyana to Ann Curry at Alaska State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Ann has worked tirelessly over the past two years to bring best practices of Deaf Education to Alaska State School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She has faced many challenges to bring Alaska up to par with the best practice standards seen overwhelmingly throughout the lower 48 states. The changes she has and continues to implement make the face of our school and the legacies to be made by our student populations.

- Ann Beal, community member and AKSD/ASD employee

Quyana to Katherine Jones at Applications Support and Training Analyst Information Technology

Katherine is an amazingly positive, kind and helpful colleague who goes out of her way to solve problems and train. Her extensive knowledge of ASD business practices and programs has made her an invaluable asset. I appreciate her ability to always make the person to whom she is speaking feel they are the most important person in the District.

- Sylvia Biondich, peer

Quyana to Office Staff at Willow Crest Elementary

I'm very grateful to have my kids go to a school with such great people in the front office.

- Stacie Khan, parent

Quyana to Kristina Peterson at Willow Crest

Mrs. Peterson is the very best Principal I have ever seen.  She was super willing to help my daughter get through a rough day.  I will be very sad to leave this school once my kids move on to Junior High.  Can we take her with us? 


Please take note and follow her example, she is the best. 

- Stacie Khan , Parent

Quyana to Sven Gustafson at Romig Middle School

Many thanks to an amazing principal who does so much. If you ask him a question, you get an immediate answer. If you ask for assistance, you get immediate assistance. All with great kindness and a smile. And, its all about the kids - he makes school fun but important for them.  We are so lucky to have Mr. G as our principal! Thank you Mr. G!

- Anonymous, parent

Quyana to Annamarie Swigart at Community Services

Quyana to Annamarie Swigart for always being willing to work with Professional Learning to ensure critical trainings have room reservations and the equipment needed to conduct the trainings. We couldn't do it without you. Your flexibility and your smile are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

- Belinda Sessions, Professional Learning specialist

Quyana to Miranda McCourt at Northwood ABC Elementary

Mrs. McCourt is one of the best advocates in Anchorage for children in the special education program. She never hesitates to remind parents of the voice they have in their child's education, and is truly vested in each student as an individual. My family will forever be grateful for her!

- Breanna Cooper, parent

Quyana to Tirzah Fullmer at Chugiak High School

Quyana to Ms. Tirzah Fullmer, my son's counselor, for being so wonderful to both of us. My son really likes Ms. Fullmer and he is glad she is his counselor. I appreciate how she treats my son and provides great advice to him, and I appreciate how kind and responsive she is to me. I consider counselors to be a critical part of a student's education since they are involved in advising students with their schedules, as well as helping those who want to go to college map out a plan for achieving that goal. Consequently, I'm really grateful my son's high school curriculum and future college aspirations are in good hands. We are both really glad Ms. Fullmer is my son's counselor until he graduates; we appreciate her time and help very much, so a huge Quyana to her from a grateful student and parent.

- Barbara Green, parent

Quyana to Cyndi Addington and Officer Mark Wells at Dimond High School

Quyana to Officer Cyndi Addington and Officer Mark Wells, School Resource Officers at Dimond High School. Their work was outstanding in finding and arresting the thieves who stole money and items out of my car while it was parked in the staff parking lot. Officer Addington went above and and beyond as a resource in the processing of my police report, following up on leads as well as being supportive. So far two women are being held in jail for using my credit card. I am very grateful to them and to the School Resource Officer Program. Thank you!

- Pamela Lloyd, staff member

Quyana to Sven Gustafson and Anaely Hernandez-Leon at Romig Middle School

Thank you and muchos gracias to Principal Gustafson and Sra. Hernandez-Leon for creating an incredible, experience-of-a-lifetime trip to Puerto Rico for 7th and 8th grade Spanish Immersion students. Your hard work, dedication, patience and love for the kids is very much appreciated!

- Anonymous, parent

Quyana to Ernesto Ting at Publication Services

Ernie Ting has always done an excellent job when completing and delivering large print requests. Just recently he went above and beyond by delivering on a very large print request in a very short timeline. Even with a printer malfunction happening on the day we sent him the document, he was still able to get everything printed, counted, and bundled by school in record time. The entire Assessments team appreciates your help in supporting schools with the information they need in a timely matter! Thank you!

- Cassie Jeremias, Exec Secretary at ASD Ed Center

Quyana to Mariah Campbell at Fairview Elementary

Ms. Mariah does so much for families and has personally helped me get my kids to school by helping me find an affordable mechanic to help repair my only vehicle. She offers a peaceful space for parents and students. Thank you!

- Fairview parent, parent

Quyana to Terry Schnese and Rolly Prince at Maintenance

Thank for the outstanding customer service! This was a team effort by two people. I appreciate the prompt service on a service ticket, preemptively addressing the situation before it got any worse. Your attention to detail and willingness with a smile made my day. 

- Anita Powell, CRS, Communications

Quyana to Rachel Roux, Joseph Kach, Janis Reynolds at Kincaid Elementary

This amazing team of 6th grade educators go above and beyond to make sure their students are prepared academically, socially, and emotionally for middle school. Thanks to their genuine love of teaching, enthusiasm for community, and willingness to adventure outside the classroom, my daughter is having one of her best school years yet. Your energy, dedication, and teamwork towards all you do is exceptional! 

- Kendra Besh and Keith Halsey, parents

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