Answers to frequently asked questions

Are there more eligible substitutes this year than in previous years?
Yes. The ASD has increased the pool of “at will” substitute employees by almost 30 percent.  There are more than 1,800 eligible teacher substitutes and the district averages around 450 teacher absences per day. The economy, incentives, and attractive pay (when compared to many other districts) have all created a large pool of eligible subs for teachers to select from. This is good news for the ASD!
How does the Sub Finder system (Aesop) select subs?
The process is completely random, unless a substitute has been added to the preference list for a particular teacher or school.  If they are added as a preferred sub then the system will call them before other non-preferred substitutes.
Are new subs at the bottom of the list? 
No.  The system is random.
Why don’t substitutes who have worked for years in the district get preferential “seniority-type” preference?

The district’s role and goal is not to “guarantee” substitute employment, or give preferential treatment to one “class” of substitute or another, but rather to ensure that on a daily basis our substitute positions are filled with the best possible sub. For two years, due to the economy, sub incentive, our sub system, and attractive pay we have run at between a 98 and 99 percent fill rate, with a reduced number of substitute “complaints.” We are meeting both district goals of having the best possible substitutes for our teachers AND maintaining a high fill rate.

The “market” drives which substitutes get selected. It is our experience that substitutes who establish teacher/school relationships — through their positive work performance — with teachers and administrative assistants are the substitutes who get prearranged positions or get called to fill non-filled jobs. 

Substitutes who have teaching certificates do get preference in the regard they are the only substitutes eligible for long term (more than 19 days) assignments. State law requires that anyone acting in that capacity for more than 19 days must have a certificate.

How come a job is so often “being reviewed”?
This message means that this particular job is 1) in the call-out que (there are 12 lines calling out) trying to fill it from both systems or 2) another sub may be reviewing the same job. You should click accept to get the job, but may need to do that more than once using the current system.
What time of day are jobs available to access online?  
Twenty four hours a day, once entered into the Sub Dispatch system
How do the calls work?  
There are 12 lines that call-out to fill teacher substitute jobs. Each line grabs 40 available, qualified, random names that will work at that site, in that position.
Is there a way to pick up a job from the computer while Aesop is making calls?
Yes but it is more difficult. Try to get your jobs OUTSIDE of the calling times which are 5:30 a.m.- noon. and 4:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m..   (The best time to access the computer is from noon to 4 p.m.)
Why is it nearly impossible to select a job on the website in the evening?
You’re competing with the phone system. You can always call Sub Dispatch from 6:30 a.m.-4 p.m. to help you accept a job.
Why are some jobs in the phone and some on the Web?
They should appear both places within a few minutes of the job creation. An exception is if the job is for a requested sub, it will call that substitute repeatedly. Non requested sub jobs appear online up to 30 days out from the opening.
Why does the job get us there only 30 minutes before class starts?
The job is coded for 30 minutes prior to the start of the student contact.
Does Aesop prioritize how it sends jobs out?
Yes, it starts calling the jobs that have the earliest start times. If the school with the job uses Preference Lists, it will call the Preferred subs first; if the job is not filled 12 hours before start time, it will call (or show online) all substitutes. Preference Lists are determined by the employees and administrative assistants.
Can we start the afternoon call-out times later?
No. To change the call out times could impact our fill rate and that is not something we want to gamble on.
Does turning down a job hurt you? 
No, you are not penalized in any way.
Do Substitutes get paid for Mileage?
No, Substitutes are not reimbursed for Mileage.


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